1. Dem only gi him it so him can travel all ova and show up him links. dyam fool. It doh teck 2 seconds fi dem cancel dat rawse and left him weh him deh . him betta trod lite.

  2. Insider Info:

    Wedding of the century being planned as we speak. location Hawaii all friends and family will be flown in for the event……

    1. I thought Mr icon was already married, @Mouth A Massi Apple can’t o back to Jamaica an flie for papers when she has an extensive criminal history in the US.

    2. Me nah believe nothing until Quena come becaz she has Japple business pon lock. Quena how yuh nuh get nuh invitation to di big iconic wedding

    1. Yes but him did a travel Pon green card. Now he is sworn in bc in a den line of business it’s much better to carry a blue book bc he can be jailed in America but no longer deported.

  3. Go dah wid you first class ticket, Is what kind a work Him do again? I thought I heard someone said Lawyer? Or him a doctor? All him suppose to have up him degrees to be rolling so deep? Name brands and all these things. LMFAO. You dancehall people does kill me enuh, But the name that Met put up bout IKANNIKALIC a beat me bad. Speaking of American passport. One of my Jamaican friend just went to renew his US passport and They said, “NOT UNTIL YOU PAY OFF YOUR 73,000 CHILD SUPPORT BEFORE YOU CAN GET IT BACK” Hahahahahahahaaaa. Now him in a farrin widout travelling docs cause him cannot find the money fi give child support. Some a unuh a real sample roun here.

  4. lol no man a fe him.. He cool with that flight attendant that fly with JETBLUE. She give him good seat and nuff free liquor. Me witness it, me and him go down pon Christmas.

  5. Jadion has been married for over 5 years til him and apple ruined the wife’s credit. A unno must just hear about the scamming a but Jadion a run dem games from when. Yes Apple can get married and get papers despite her criminal record even after her deportation. She has children that are born here and seems to be able to afford a Jewish immigration lawyer. Plus she love link the oneah man, akwele will be fine


  7. Jay been married to the lady from la way before apple a she mek jadion and she not divorcing him for him to give sour apple papers jadion had his passport for how long now there will be no wedding apple u well outta luck

  8. He can get his own divorce if he truly want to. No I donot believe Apple can get her papers if she was deported and enter illegal. Not believing that one

  9. A child does not guarantee
    Docs in america.
    The new law say 3 felonies
    You will not be granted documentation
    To stay in america if you were
    Deported you would be charged
    For rentry an would had to
    Had filed for deportation order
    To be over turned .

    So that you can have someone
    File for you an you would have
    To be in the country were you
    Were deported.

    Mi nuh care if har lawyer ah jew an everyone goes to
    Mr.burstein not even jesus
    Coulda solve dah case yah

    Mi nah wish har bad but ah de
    Facts even if you have to
    Felonies in which you
    Were convicted yuh would have
    To try an get drm over turned
    Before you could file.
    3 felonies it nah work

    Best ah luck lady apple
    But it sticky pon yuh

    1. Who tell you Apple was ever deported from America she might enter illegal but I doubt she was ever deported…uno too bad!!

  10. No apple cant get no paper here after bieng reentry bout kids look how many people have kids and stillbieng deported. Who unu fooling. First if all unless the law change she has to be interview in jamaica. And people who not evendeported go down and bar for 10 years much less oh please Try another line apple

  11. Look like more than one boarding pass to me. So. Who else is traveling with the icon. Show the picture if a your book yes top boarding pass say jodian. But its seems as if another one is underneath.

  12. These comments are sketchy sometimes because some poeple on here said that dolly can’t travel and she deh ah jamaica right now so you never know what’s what.

  13. Well I know this even tho Jadion Richards is a citizen that can be denaturalized. Falsification or Concealment of Relevant Facts: You must be absolutely truthful when filling out paperwork and answering interview questions related to the naturalization application process. Even if the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) fails to recognize any lies or ommissions at first, the agency may file a denaturalization action against you after citizenship has been granted. Examples include failure to disclose criminal activities or lying about one’s real name or identity.
    So when he’s ready to file for divorce that lovely wife of his can report his ass to the government that he married her under false pretense.
    Jadson can marry apple and file the paper work but being the lawyer/doctor that he is, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to provide past taxes that were filed.

  14. Jay icon. Been have his U.S. passport.. If him did waa help Apple him woulda do it long rass time.. He don’t care about this chick it’s just the hype life

  15. Y we always bringing down our own people what’s is wrong with we black people it is here for each an everyone of us come on now just congratulate the man on done my god u guys need to stop now man an leave the people them alone because all u guys talk they still living them no dead all u guys a talk

  16. but wait how man fi have him papers and don’t wan help out his first lady . I hope name brand clothes can save yall in the future you people soon reach up in age and don’t own nothing . all yall do is hype like please . descent people nah even ah watch name brand stop hype and please better your life. ah live rich people life with poor judgement and mentality . Dancehall and so call style pon people means nothing . PLEASE SEEK HELP LOL

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