1. That has got to be the shortest engagement length in history, not that it’s a bad thing, but is there a definitive reason Kaci? What’s the rush? Pregnant maybe? Don’t want to be carry on the baton of Yendi? Whichever way, I wish you all the best on your new path.

    Sidebar: I don’t think that dress does anything for you, nice dress, just not for you, bridesmaid looks lovely

      1. Granma(r.i.p)always said if u don’t have anything good to say,kibber ur mouth…this is me kibbering :najis :maho :kacau: :shutup:

    1. I didnt even know she was getting married until like a week befre the wedding when they started to post bridal/bachelorette stuff.And I’m not hating, but I expected more from the wedding. Of course, it was very nice (and many people would dream of a wedding like hers) but I expected more pomp and circumstance

  2. Congrats Mr.&Mrs. Shirley! I think her dress fits her well and she looks gorgeous in it. Don’t like her husband suit, her bouquet nor the bridal party attire…they look winter-ish.

    What does Yendi has to do with this though…and who cares why here engagement was short? At the end of the day shes married.

  3. @ Candia if she had a long time sweetheart” is there a need for a lengthy engagement? I mean quite a few articles mentioned they were together for a “long time” (even though that may be relative to an individual we have a general consensus what a long time is) so why delay. From day one Kaci was not my cup of tea, but best wishes to her and her husband. Mawning and mannazz lovely people.

  4. If that dress ddnt do Kate Middleton (real royalty) no justice why Kaci thought she could’ve pulled it off?? Congrats though

  5. Congrats yah Kaci set some example cuz dem side bitch and door mat yah a get outta han. Can bet is a door mat up top a chat shit. Married and done girl.

  6. sometimes the level of hate on this site makes me nauseous…..hating on the girl, her dress, her husband’s suit…and the shear pettiness of hating on the bouquet………some light skinned uptown girl gets married to a light skin uptown man and everybody looks happy……thats where the hate starts i believe…..ill just leave this right here….

  7. @ Metter 1:34pm, your name displays how lacking you are in refinement, vulgar much. Anyhoo, I’ll resist the urge to join you and wallow in mud. Opinions and speculations are not urgent, critical issues…there’s no need for all this seriousness, it’s an entertainment site.

  8. Beautiful. Stunning. I usually snark on everything, no snark here. A classic wedding gown made famous by grace kelly, , beautiful. I don’t mind the egg plant Color, , purple is the color of royalty. Blessings on blessings for the newly wed.

      1. Middleton gown is a reminiscent of the gown grace Kelly wore wen she married Prince Reiner of Monaco

  9. Ohh STFU candy, ntn about this site is decent so f**k off with ur college english. Married and bloodclaat done ! Mi is a proud f***n sketel, thank u much.

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