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I am just writing to give my opinion on the State of Affairs in Jamaica. I left Jamaica in 1987 when I was 13 y/o without a fear of nothing but political gunshots, only around election time. I could go to the store or sit on my fenced wall without worrying about a “Drive By’ or Kidnapping. No one in their right mind bothered Kids let alone try to rape them. If any such rape took place it was the “fast girls” or some adults that had their own agendas. The community looked out for each other and every mother was your mother if needs be. Majority of these problems generated from the mass deportation that started in the 90’s. These criminals are thrown back into a society that they long forgot. They brought all their American adapted lifestyle which has become a plaque upon our land. I understand that I am supposed to be grateful that I am here in America but I can attest that it is a blessing and a curse. I am supposed to be happy that I am in the land of Opportunity but it is totally the opposite. I am now a machine to the system, Work , pay bills, pay taxes, and stay poor. In addition to the strikes against me of being a Foreigner, Black and a Woman. Met, I have never been so depressed in my life. When I was in Jamaica I was poor and happy. I thought about moving back home for good, but my dilemma is that of the majority. The crime rate, the job, and medical coverage.
Every time I see the news from back home it’s always the same; Person shot, child kill, hospital neglect, fatal car accidents and corrupted police and politician. America has its fair share of these issues, but it is not so “normalized” like back home. Just the fact that all these children are being killed and no one is being held accountable sickens my stomach. I wish Portia would have some conference with Obama to show him what they are doing to our Country by dropping off these Criminal without an education or skills to be placed back into our society. I for one is scared whenever I come back home because the same people in my community will rob me without no hesitation. The stories of family setting up other family to be killed is never far from mind. I do not place all the blame on these criminals as sometimes they can’t even find a crackers to eat. .All those politicians are not worried because they feel they are out of harms way, For example the badman weh dead last week who his father is a Police. I am sure he thought no one would dare touch his son because of his status. The moral is, people get sick and tired and will do whatever when necessary. I pray for my country, but everyone wants to be quick rich and forget the modern days. No one wants to work and they emulate these TV Stars without thinking of the consequence. Between Aids and the Crime rate, Jamaica is looking forward to a Spring cleaning.


  1. I met a reggae singer/musician recently and he told me he would NEVER go to Jamaica because he doesn’t like the violence and how dangerous it is. That says a lot when a reggae artiste refuses to go to the country where reggae was born.

  2. Sender, I agree with quite a few of the things you mentioned. But mi haffi seh sumting tuh yuh. How afta so much years yuh still deh yah bruk and depressed? If yuh nuh hab ah physical ailment, den yuh need fi duh some digging as tuh how fi betta yuhself. Mi knoe seh it nuh easy yah, but yuh need fi increase yuh earning power suh dat things will start look up fi yuh. Mi nah judge yuh…..mi just ah try understand things. Anyway, run depression outta yuh face, read JMG Daily Devotions every day and beg Father fi guidance. Nuff love!!

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