Met tashay has been on here last year with her mugshot for shoplifting and has since turned her life over a bit . She stills steals but not as hardcore as she used to . She has gotten her cna liscense and bought a brand new BMW and has 3 jobs so is in the right direction for a 26 year old girl . Her reputation is very nasty being Bronx w**** and shoplifting everything she owns but she is in the right direction and moving up in life . She is in a relationship with Kriss paloff the dark skin 20 year old boy for 3 years now and he helps out with her 3 year old son Romani but the other day she call her baby daddy Romeo the light skin boy for money because she need help wid signing him up for school and the boy claim him nuh have money but he same day put up pic on Instagram inna gucci store and Christian louboutin store and caption it today shopping doing what I do best . Then him claim tashay only want him money fi buy Celine bag that she not signing him up in school she lying . Well she knew how he was when she breed for him so she haffi leave him alone and tek care of her kid herself and leave it off ig













  1. She got her CNA certificate*

    She bought her a old bimmer*

    She is still a hardcore thief *

    Krissy Paloff beat tashayhottopic wid all broom stick*

    Tashay never even know if it was fi him belly or HUBO as she was still
    Grindin hubo on the belly n pick him up a airport and all deze tings!
    After tashay teef out the whole of forrin fi Hubo & him relatives as she land back a NY
    She catch belly fi Romeo … Kmft she been a hoe I heard he was there for her
    At first because at one point she was living with him !!! & taking care of her & she nuh tap give d bwoy bun n him run her tru she wutless n Neva wa work only teef 2 sides to every story

    I just can’t take this story …

    … Tashay need God!

      1. Why you don’t come of tashay.. U sound so dumb… u need too read what u write… about u hear… u did deh bout u hear thts all u saying you corn ball bitch… nice day

  2. Soun like a she sen dis in time yuh tek a cuss pon instagram u cudve been spendin it with ur child tell him/her sumn valuable

  3. Denying a father the right to see their child us soooo wrong. Encourage and spend time with his son. as a child, I just wanted to see my Dad get even a one hug…but I guess my mum taught bread and butter…

    1. It goes hand in hand so mi nuh think ur mother did wrong really…if a father really loves his child he would make provisions for the child, after all him eat everyday dont it?

      1. A same thing mi seh to metty, affa love cant carry go a shop. Dem a floss and endorse and dem youths a barely get by, and a suffer, wah can guh suh??? Dem wear and nyam d best of everything and tek everything weh dem have an gi dem gal, and dem motther and youth dont get a thing, but mek dem tan deh and lodge dem money a hairy bank, and see wah dem a go get further dung d road, ur child is urs forever, but a woman nuh must be urs forever, try memba that. Bout let him see his kid, and then he will do what he’s suppose to??!!! Do what d f**k ur suppose to, and then u see ur kid!!! air pie and sky juice cant full belly. I dont know their history, but regardless what, if the mother made a mistake and did something wrong, d poor little infant should not have to punish for it, a child is not responsible for their parents action. So if u are sure that d child is in fact urs, then man d f**k up, and take care of ur youth, and if u r not sure; settle d score with a DNA test, its that simple, but dont let a next man have to take care of ur responsibility for you. As Murasaki said sometimes the mother only care about getting the money to take care of the child needs, but the child needs are simpler, they only want daddy’s love and affection, sometimes they just want to see their dad and spend time with them. Give what u have, and what u can, do ur best for child, build a solid foundation for them, something is always better than nothing.

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