HOUSEHOLDERS are being urged not to rush to open their doors to people claiming to be members of the police force.

Superintendent Merrick Watson said that people should first seek to ascertain the identity of individuals claiming to be policemen and women and ask them to display their credentials.

“If you look through your doors and you do not see a marked police vehicle, don’t open. You need to keep that door locked until you can establish that whoever is outside is a police officer. We want to err on the side of caution,” he noted.

Superintendent Watson was addressing a Community Services Day event at the Kitson Town Seventh-day Church in St Catherine recently.


He noted that criminals have been able to gain access to homes by pretending to be members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.
Superintendent Watson is also urging householders to be alert when strangers come to their doors asking for a drink of water and other assistance, as these means are used to carry out robberies.

He further advised residents to ensure that their exterior doors swing outwards. “It is easier to kick off a door that swings inside than a door that opens outside, and that speaks also for your grilles,” he pointed out.

Superintendent Watson recommended the installation of motion sensor lights, and the trimming of trees and shrubs around the home. “If you have too much bush cover, you could be creating privacy for robbers,” he pointed out.


  1. Pay the little extra to reconfigure your doors outward fi true,and put a mesh grill box over your motion sensors…bitch dem thief the bulb dem believe it or not! Get those stadium type bulbs whey mek it look like daylight on crack 😀

  2. Many times ppl a knock a my door mi nuh answer. Wid di state of security as it is, visitors should be notifying ppl they plan on showing up, cause if mi not expecting you mi nuh obligated fi extend no hospitality. Also, don’t visit mi at nights, some a unno want to roll up after dark, don’t even think about it.

  3. Den when it r real police dem kill yu wid lik while dem a ax yu ” weh mek yu tek suh long fi open di door bwoy?”

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