1. Nuh wan defend him but sender daffy usually keep 2-3 dance per year Easter, thanks giving, and summer time. And after 3 dance per year he still don’t mind his kids or his mama!

    1. Den how him fi mind dem when him have him man Bobby fi mind? Yuh don’t hear she say Daffy have to shellllll di monayyyyyy. But if a 3 dance a year, then di black on black dance was when causen say it seemed like hours ago he had that dance. Lol. Daffy ting shat like M16. Oooh.

      1. Cita manning lol. black and black usually thanks giving eve. How gyal can claim man a mine dem when dem haffi thief clothes and make up. Dat me wah know

        1. Lol. Lol. Morning SMH. How u doing hun. How was ur Easter? The teefing part is in Bobby blood. So even heff she marry Bill Gates a morning she go still teef. Daffy not mining a soul. Daffy himself look like him need someone to mind him. Me not looking at Bobby or Daffy Duck cause the 2 of dem bruk nuh bloodclaat like miself yah. Kmt.

  2. Bobbette the injection batty don’t look good. I know you did your ass momma you can’t fool me cause you never had an ass muchless a shape. Not to mention yuh do ova breast too!! Let me guess apple refered you?? DWL! Bobby your trying to hard to fit in….stop being a follower and be a leader your whole team shape and look bad . #Facts don’t matter uno have on uno always look stink!

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