0 thoughts on “DEKILE BEGGINS

  1. Sender u know say Malcolm x had a speech saying who taught you to hate your hair? Who taught you to hate your skin color and make you bleach your skin?
    Please Go invest your money inna Shea butter and value a smooth evenly completed skin tone.

  2. Senda u a wicked
    A hope u tek the mumps swell up face wey come wid da bleaching deh n if u ask mi she uglier widdi bleachings!!!!!!!

  3. she look better darker now wit da bleachout face she look bout 50 n face look like she have mumps dwll I hope more side effects lik dem down self hate is a bitch innit

  4. this b%t#h is a very sad case, cause she fixed everything but har face n har mouth dwl n next thing,STOP LEAVE YOUR KIDS TO MAN THAT U DONT KNOW ALL BECAUSE OF HYPE R MAN STATUS,ESPECIALLY YOUR BABY GIRL,STOP LEAVE YOUR KIDS INTO MAN HAND THAT U DONT KNOW!!! that’s all i have to say :kr

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