Bossy Dolly & Sweets Couture

Paparazzi Apple

Bobbette Blacks

Good Day Met & JMG bloggers!
Let’s be mindful that each pics above was taken in the same Year. So let us not be bias and talk the truth to who was really Hott then & Now and who’s still holding the Title Today.


  1. Robbas???? Daughta you come a long way… lol… the pic with Apple Kerry and sushawna u stay bad …. one thing dolly and sweets a real fashion idol … back then them. I wear brand but them always come out clean inna them vindictive outfits … sweets and dolly was every girl fashion idol few years ago… Apple was always the go to thief if u want clothes fi buy… but never heard of robbas… no wonder she so hype because she sure ain’t used to this … hahahaa

  2. GM Met & Metters!
    Sweets & Dolly set sooooo much trends to think Bobbette really a shade dem now is extremely funny worst looking at the pics back then she’s wasn’t even noticeable
    Luv when Apple did wear more clothes back then and less plastic looking it shows she was always lookable and stylish. Tanisha image looks cute and more natural here
    Bobbette u should always look at these pics before u shade ppl or sub them cause u coming from far and u wasn’t even nearrrrrr these ladies categories back then for u to diss dem now

  3. Bobette VERY NEW to dis! School children in England knows that Bobette ONLY started wearing a few “name brand bags” after her aunt LA Dion was murdered, and WHO KNOWS if the dead left stuff were real, because back then, moaf**kaz were going to Chinatown to buy fake CD bags and using them to make bustieres. Bobette and Kerry Ann, have just arrived, hence, dem act MIGHTY FRIGHTENED! Without being biased, some folks have a GRAND PASSION FOR FASHION; such as Dolly and Sweeets (whom I despise), Kim Possible and Apple, but some FRIGHTEN NUH BLOODCLAAT, CAUSE dem NEVA KNOW dem woulda live fi see, much more wear certain things.

  4. Lwad! Long time mi nuh comment, but man Bobby yuh draw mi out, gal if u tan bad one more time, man u really thought provoking, no wonder you have no identity with fashion, always a carbon copy of Apple. Poor you. I give this one to Sweets and her thick lip sister. Wooooiiii

    1. Bless up Bammy,

      You the truth!
      If princess Apple ever sweet n fashionable one more, just one more time! There’s a chamber in my heart fi Sweets.

  5. Why y’all have bob up there? This site is not for work fi real.
    Sweets and Dolly was fashion forward back then because they had Kim Possible as their inspiration/designer. Can they create these look now?…NOPE.
    That was at a time when everybody use to try follow the couture trend. There was a guy on Flatbush that could remix any dress. Apple wasn’t stylish then and she sure aint now.
    Apple face look good but she need to relax the muscles in her jawline so she don’t always look so tense. This will make you look more beautiful, stop try come off as a bad gal, that was for your twenties. Consider being a refine woman.
    Dolly face will forever be ugly but she dress well
    Bob no bueno. Actually stop trying so hard, learn to love yourself the way God loves you.
    Sweets take the cake, she’s a winner. She have the full package style, grace and shape. Even if she is a typical narcissistic, she is a lady in these streets, like her mentor Kim P.

  6. 1st picture girl in the middle.
    I remember when Bobby looked like this, them times she always in a war with somebody. Petal, Angie Goodas, Anne and a few others. THEN SHE MET GUYANESE TOYA and the rest is HERSTORY

  7. Thanks for honoring my request with the throw back of the people when dem did likkle normal. Dem time deh me used to party hard and these people were barely known. Kerry used to so cute and innocent looking and sweetsdid just come back from Florida. Dem time deh club x used to dweet and queens empire Mario and buju used to wear the big bow tie. People went to crazy with the bleaching and sew in with the fringe or swoop was he hair of the day. Actually Kiesha jaguar used to lead with her fashions and come to NYC from philly. Marie kurloo and kids used to have dance back to back. Good times!

  8. Apple: BEEN HOT; STILL HOT!


    Dolly and Sweets: BEEN HOT; STILL HOT!



  9. Dolly and Sweets were the lead trendsetters.

    Dolly though not pretty, she’s sexy as *uck and I don’t do girls
    Sweets prettier but also rocking that sex appeal

    These are the ONLY dancehall chicks that I would say pass Camille Lee with sex appeal

  10. Marie..New day New topic…
    on June 5, 2015 at 12:12 pm – Reply

    I just can’t get beyond his face :matabelo. If this lady is known to sleep with gay men I’m starting to wonder if she is a man dressed in drag. No disrespect intended. I wouldnt call her ugly but she is shaped really strangely…she dont av kids (meanwhile the rest of the crew does..although she could be barren) How can a straight woman ignore the rumours. She visits the PW I read so she must know whats up. THey say once a mistake (daffy) 2nd time a choice (bready).

  11. @original smh
    dance back then nice fi true.
    Q club, Liguanea, Tuesday night round robin a queens, original Lorna fish bowl, after hr Inna hole
    and nuff, nuff more. Queens hot long time. #fun times.

    Tracy Champion big up yourself dem always a try leave you out a the best dress but me a throw you in, you look good back then and you look good now. Before social media people know your name. Big up Knight Rider the dancehall FB.

    There are plenty woman on the scene with real bodies that can run these girl outta dance. For those who keep saying inna dancehall. These are the girl who craves the spot light. Dancehall get boring, its like a cult or something. Everybody just stand up a tech picture no vibes. When them see a strange face they cant stop steer inna it.

  12. Everybody has a past, came from nothing to something etc.
    It was dug up here FR FR!! :ngakak

    Shmurda, I am happy for you! Thank Guyanese Toya and Apple, they brought you from a very far place!!

  13. Met which question

    The people dem didn’t visit the late great Bready grave for Christmas? No Christmas tree, no sorrel, no black cake them no give di general?

  14. To be fair Kerryann was never noticeable back then either but one thing she always had a nice shape/Butt
    However Sushana did well hotta then her in namebrand wise. That’s why She and Apple did REAL close back then.
    And a do road!
    Keisha Jaquar and Tracey Champion def should be recognized not only they were very sexy. Body wise was ALL natural no injection or silicone. And did very Stylish
    Sweets & Dolly was the new addition to Keisha and Tracey! And they carry it well every girl start wear pink lipstick when dem bust it I would NEVER forget that year
    Every gal was a Dolly inna dance.

    1. Ya man Kiesha and Tracey used to lead a dem Mek people know flippa mafia. Dem Times deh did really fun. Hang dem family and evan anbroadway see used to run the place. Before Judith and Ruth get brown a do up dem body. When Paul range was still paulisha. Back then was only few pic and video man a run the place.

    2. Champion and others aren’t included because those women in a league of their own. You do notice who dutty foot, silicon fowl like to tek set pon?

      Robbas know who fi exup har self wid.

      Dolly and sweets aren’t known for taking off their red bottoms or dip inna dem chanel and come out wid a whop ass or a Sig,so robbas tek set pon dem. And de men dem tek are viewed as bitches.

      Nah, fashionable and nah tek no chat females aren’t included.

  15. Silicone fowl fi guh di dung. Shape like the little boy inna the crosswalk. I try to tolerate her for “whatever” reason & I just can’t. Sweets, Tracy Champion & Shawna…

  16. Shawna Stargirl did tidy but she didn’t have that sex appeal to bring it off! She’s like a way prettier version of Robbas. She wear brands but the Brands ah wear she. Nice tings but she didn’t draw sex appeal. Then Nuff ppl did a seh bare fake she wears so idk. But she did always look good when Lefreck did a mine her still

  17. I know that every time Robbas mek di wall… seems like mi a pick pon har ….. suh let me say this…. Robbas does seem to wear SOME authentic pieces. She just always seem to remind me of Spice. Spice neva look good yet no matta what she put on. But even on their worst day Sweets and Dolly always seem to pull off any look. If they’re having a bad hair day and they put on a baseball hat … they still look good. They just always look refine. Robbas eva look frig up. She tries too hard. And she wears too much “brands” all at once. She look very untidy sometimes. And at least Sweets & Dolly have both graduated from the Dancehall scene to something more classy. Yes they still go to certain parties on the Dancehall scene but is like every pan knock….. Robbas and Apperrrrr reach. IF Sweets is a Sketel or Hoe ….. my boo is surely a classy Hoe.

  18. I used to love seeing Keisha Jaguar & Tracy together on videos, pretty ladies they even go to Jamaica & rep DH back in the days. Big up all the DH fashionistas who put themselves together & help make/contribute to the DH culture in whatever shape, style or form…gwaan wid unu boasty self

  19. Do girl uppa tap a lead di dolly girl. Pooor di other girl she neva even inna di league Dem time deh Bobby. Apple did just look regular yuh know basic nuttin neva did a pop.

  20. Yeah why not have a post on assets … these bitches are lame & broke all four five six of them.
    Shawna Starr
    And the countless others are all lame & BROKE.

  21. ok im going to judge once yall can confirm some shit for me….1 do they own homes?….2 do they own their fancy cars? cause im not gonna be saying u cute just cause you got an outfit or shoes on that celebrities wear but you paying rent and leasing your car im not gonna do it :siul…. you cant have on a million dolla outfit million dolla shoes but paying rent and leasing cars with 6000 in the bank…car note more than rent and outfit more than car note hell to the naw :bingung come correct…so somebody inform me so i can judge these lil cute ladies :cool

  22. None of these chicks could have stood up to GT Shauna when it comes to fashion, she was always two seasons ahead.

    Who seh Tracy natural? Suh ar nose and breasts no fake? Y’all stop it mane.

    These corny chicks don’t even own a high school diploma and we here bigging dem up fi wha kmt

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