1. I was at the party that night, it was so crazy how it happened. I can’t believe how someone call the police and lock off people party, suits were there as well. They had all kind of men dem in hangcuffs. Did the two men they caught commit the murders or knew something about it is my question who can answer that for me? And if so why would they even come to that party!

  2. But dem go a Vinni yard a good source said and arrest him in florida it’s ironic cause don’t dem question bready for those murder and now at his party man get hold on Pon ?? Strange

  3. This a weh me hear, yes it’s the man that did the triple murder, memba weh day when breddy go jails, we’ll a mawga man dem send him out fa.. I heard that was di deal cause bread nuh have noooooo status inna MERIKA..

  4. The easiest thing for anyone to get away with the the US is the killing of a black man (or three). How is it that an eye witness who was shot in his leg was there and still no arrests all this time? Same as Brandon Woodard? Broad daylight, no arrest.
    Police only care to arrest credit card scammers and drug dealers. Anyone living nicely on illegal gains is a problem to law enforcement but if its a murderer and they’re only killing each other, let them roam free. Makes their jobs easier.


  6. So tell me your telling me that Bready is the informa? He is the one that set up this Mawag man guy, because that night they were talking about how the party was gon stay until 9am and if Bready went and called the police to tell them the man dem dea he is wrong whoever the informa was could of waited until afterwards, because all innocent people got picked up too on other shit… So just to confirm the two guys I seen them take both was skinny and dark was wearing black are they the one’s who did the killings or know of the killings which one is it, because when the police did think they had the right one they let him go now the one that got shot in the leg when did they let him go because I heard he wasn’t talking. Can anyone answer please???

  7. The really skinny guy is mawga man him is the big man for Clarendon click him deh with Aretha Vinni sister well him have baby with her

  8. hi quena or quena sis aka spanish gal

    lmao what ah way u wah find out the business eeh ah musst you send it in
    quena use to gwan like she know the most bout LA SUSS ! unu cahh fool mi!
    all when a dif ip unnu a use ah quena same one! INFORMER!

    1. Everybody ah informer to you fools. Guess what? The informer is more likely the person right next to you, not some arbitrary person on some WEB Site. When people like you who are involved in wrong doings and paranoid about who and who is an Informer, should spend some of that braincell watching the criminal beside you. Yuh see how you fool-fool?

  9. Anonymous –

    I do know why you think you know me but you don’t and I don’t care to know you at all. I would appreciate if you stop confusing me with all kind of other people! Just like you and everyone else that comes on this site I want to know what’s the happenings, information is always giving out here, I’m no where a informer and I’m not the girl you or anyone else is thinking, so stop act like no one on this damn site want to know what’s going on if your going to come on and give information then give it and people is going to want to know!!! So stop whatever you think you are doing I’M NOT THE PERSON YOU ALL AND U THINK I AM SO STOP THE SHIT ALREADY! If it’s a problem to ask questions then let me know. Because since you think you know me you seem to have a problem and your a damn regular on this site and you don’t see anyone saying why you on here all the time so stop trying to think you drawing someone out because GIRL I don’t f**king know you and you DONT know me!! This is the last time I’m going to address this with you!!!!!

  10. Was right at the party, more while black people too fool. How unu know is bready inform. Was u there when him giving the information. It was way plan nobody cannot pick up phone call and all this Body of law come. They had all been in parfies wuth.tbese people ,watching them. In america u connot do certain things so bright with it and get away. If kartel can get confict a jamaica what you take america that have real forensic,pay real money and give status for information. La Partys full of undercover and informers plus they watch all these videos . Vinni u full a saltness and crosses everytime me come miami u have up a next crosses, who next now vinni, which.likky likky next bway to u poison.

  11. Mawga man really lock up I try call him this morning and yesterday and is a man that don’t miss my call so something must wrong but all I put him name and try find him in la county nothing . Bwoy is a nice guy still Vinni has no luck

  12. [email protected] believe is more than only salt vinni hole in this stoey cause is the name i cannot confirmed yet but this brown girl that the girl that name trudy a miami that keep party other day her friend say was hiding and sleeping with maga man to. The big man down miami daugter. She walk wit trudy and trudy fuking her to. I forget the name when my friend call me i ask the girl name again. She say she carry a veey salt hole too in miami. And is true i cannot pull him up pon no charges all now. Vinni can u confirmed how to find maga man or u busy looking a next victim, u is like a black spider. Poison So the likkle brown girl Candy maga man was fuking and buy how much furniture when him move her out her mother house a how her rent go pay now. Cause she in school she dont work and him just want her in apartment by himself. Candy go back home and finish u school, find a nice man cause u young and pretty.

  13. @Anonymous …lol is Spanish girl u say send it in a seek info. Wwll spanish girl we nuh fully know either so u might know more than we on here. Is only like me who was actually in the party and see them get them or other people hearing the news putting in they word. So go ask who lock him up and him whats the full story. Why u mad with Anonymous ?? U cannot take the heat get out the kitchen. Real talk some girl Hole is one big salt city.Anytime u see a girl just change man u know somthing nuh either the man dem she f**k keep going jail,get deported or dead but u guys refuse to stop f**k crosses females cause pu**y is always a man downfall

  14. la in turmile

    1st and foremost no one is mad with Anonymous, I’m sure you wouldn’t like someone to continue to confuse you with someone your not that’s first and foremost!!! Just like you and everyone else on here that are reading these post also wants to know what’s the deal like anyone else, I don’t even know these men, I’m being noisy like everyone else that are asking questions. And 2nd I was there at the party as well, so I see what went down from start to finish… I’m not in then dancehall scene like everyone else I just go occassionally so the names that are mentioned I don’t know of them. I just know what I saw and what they look like so again I’m not mad at anyone. I don’t like to be confused for someone clearly I’m not and I’m not a informer don’t get down like that, whatever anyone choose to do in their life is their business, I don’t live their life and it doesn’t affect me! I don’t live my life wishing bad on people!!!

  15. ,@ Spanish gal..ok cause we nuh deh.pon met page fi get personal a cuss who each other pon ya and stray from the Real topic. So nuh watch noface. But as u say u was there to suh u nuh see obviously this was set up,plan, take down cannot be just no regular phone call. Any a it catch on video cause it was like a movie. One thing i know america is gonna find u when they.ready for u. These men is confusing here for jamaica were is man u worry bout not the law. Here try know u cannot outrun the law at anytime, they gonna gather evidence and come get.u. Why we here killing each other anyways. La people is somthing else. A suh Sharon platinum kill fi her husband a cacky yard it happen now she and caky or whatever him name deh together. Why we black people so Evil.

  16. @la in turmile the brown girl that walk with trudy from miami, tiefing ugly ,sadamite trudy ,the brown girl who yard she live from when? If is she u asking bout her name is kim. Please don’t tell me she was f**king mawga man to at sompoint? Is there anybody this girl never sleep with. If this the girl u takling then this need a new topic.

    MET? Tory.just coming to bumb. Good afternoon MET. Bless up uself

  17. Ok Kim was never sleeping with mawga man so you all stop with the damn lies, Lowe the gyal name alone, her friend was f**king the man if a anything

  18. la in turmile

    Your right it seems too good to be true, it was planned the cops was just waiting for a good time to come in on people, when everyone dea and drunk and lax to come in and do what they do… And your right about another thing the cops don’t sleep they might not get you that day or months or years but they soon will catch up with you after they gather up things and talk to people etc.
    But all and all the party was really nice… except for the craziness

  19. @anonymous.. Sure is not.u kim put up on her daughter piss out mattress why u cum lieing for her or u just don’t know her. Let sombody that know kim from primary school days to now talk ok , i personally know her from then. Were u was when the man and her start to text and link up and meet up the first time a marriott court yard a Weston more than a year ago and hide and sleep now andthen. Kim care about her friend how much people kim talk to and sleep with.the person man u really want start takk because the list extra long and need its own topic on pink wall so lets not stray from the original topic cannot be any better because is same way her mother is sleep with any man back then that she think had 5cent so the mother so the child. Is pnly trudy man she haven’t sleep with yet and it’s because trudy have no man cause is,only a,man that go jail or dead them girl can own up as man, so thats why trudy start vontrol kim and fuk she a night time. Kim get stab out regular by trudy dildos ,but trudy stop control the girl with u coke head looking self cause that girl love man so much she care less coc

  20. Hey unu stop off the girl on here is not her topic. Kim is just a girl u have to end up sorry for because she is just a natural retard, she act retard until she even walk and look retard. She disturb somwere because every man have her like a puppet not to mention her so call friends. They all talk so bad about her and use her and she does know but is such a retard she go along with it.Girl get you life right so people can stop talk about you like a dog. Keep your legs close and use your head. No man wants a loose girl only to use her. Have some class for your daughter. Your family always warn you about being company with trudy , you was always stupid sleeping with men and disgracing yourself but is keeping company with trudy make you shit stink even more. Go get some class girl

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