Two male students from a prominent high school in central Jamaica have been implicated in a sex video which is being circulated like wildfire in sections of rural Jamaica over recent weeks.

THE STAR has learnt that the video has been making the rounds especially in the community where the school is located and has not only been angering students and teachers, but also residents, especially those who have a close relationship with the institution.

It is learnt that the video, which can be seen on several cellular phones in central Jamaica, shows the two boys, who are said to be second-form students, having anal and oral sex.

It is understood that the disgusting sex video with the boys has angered scores of other students at the school and the two have been threatened that they will be beaten if they continue to show up on the school premises.

The boys, who were in their uniform in the sex video, are reportedly unable to move around on the school compound freely, as they are mocked, jeered, and even have implements thrown at them by other boys.

It is also understood that in an effort to avoid the students being beaten, the boys have been given protection by security personnel on the school compound.

THE STAR has learnt that other students are calling for the two to be removed from the institution.

The circulation of the video has followed closely on the heels of the circulation of another sex video involving female students from another central Jamaica high school some weeks ago. That video also caused a stir across the island and angered residents of the community where the institution is located.


  1. Cannot understand why the parents would send them back to the school to be mocked n jeered. 2nd form boys…smh…..I wonder what exposure they had to that lifestyle before…….rough

  2. Met.. U hear bout the rasta whey a spread the big A yard? Mi ere say him did live a foreign n it seems like afta him fin out him have it, him go back fi good .. Den him Nuh tap go roun n infect the gal dem. don’t know if a true or rumor.

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