9 thoughts on “DAY GHOST FLEEK

  1. Stop hating sender. Girl you look good. Face pretty, body real…mi have a friend that would marry you. Not every man like skinny chicks.

  2. This is not cute bruh! OK ye make up look nice but it wayyyy too off for your hands and feet!!! Fi see all you with out make up yo rass ahh boi Nicki why your foot set so Inna your heels boo?

  3. Ketch the face and arms nuh bady MEK them foundation match. N ketch r gone live wit r missing teeth. Talkin about space teeth no bitch cum clean who FI knock out u tooth. N weh bald head aguh. Bitch go live in FB. N R EDGES RUN OFF N LEF R.

  4. Renta gal niki foot Ben up cz she cya manage the heels watcha all a hold on the railing lmao her Fren make up nice but who ever apply it wicked it shoulda been her skin tone cho bbc

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