1. Not all of them is she nd Stacey Xpressionz,p plus that Stacey girl is being real cute about it is Spice out her a throw har damn shade nd think ppl caan read between bout taking out garbage,yuh really av some dutty ways bout yuh weh neva ago change

  2. Same knife stick sheep stick goat…when Spice and di dancer dem before did fall out and she a dash out dem business a road and bere argument a gwaan a and di ppl dem she round start talk all weh s a do, when she start move with Expressionz dem did well hype and did a throw word pon di other girl dem and a jump up wid Spice and a gwaan! So I hope dem nuh surprised when Spice start dash out dem business a road to!

  3. Spice do road hard. So to tour with her is a constant food and expansion of your brand. So sometimes you have to kin teeth and gwaan eat a food.

    There is a girl call Daniboo, who is very good and needs to buss on the big stage. She can physically do moves that are impossible for the other dancers to do. Spice can draw for her.

  4. I like how Stacy Xpression is handling the situation. Di other dancer dem better stay away from Spice cuz this gal is evil mi just tek one good look pon har and can tell she a wicked gal.

  5. This a gwaan long time! Stacy Xpressions injure her foot and couldn’t dance for a while and Spice dash her wey and don’t look back. Mi fraid a har bad

  6. Spice mi doe like di back way pose :najis Yuh back doe attractive….fava yuh use di same rope weh dem beat runaway slave wid. Plus yuh need fi practice how fi fix yuh foot dem backway, yuh look constipated :cool Hope yuh character improve fi di new year.

  7. Dance xpress whack. Spice you don’t need one bag a gal behind you. They will never comprehend that you are the brand people are paying to see. Attitudes will always fly when too many chick is around. I prefer watching you dance than the back up acts. Pull people from the audience are something. I think sometimes when you deal with people on certain level they forget who is the boss.

  8. Anonymus @9:01pm are you Spice or her rep? It seems as if Spice have some very bad ways..All these different sources cant be lying.She did the same thing to all her so call friends and everyone who works with her..She needs to grow up and remember that you might be making money now but this world is round and always changing.

  9. spice have di dutty mindset and attitude like kartel. yuh notice ah dem alone can gree but cyaan maintain nuh long relationship wid nuhbody? yuh can be great but nuh dare think yuh aguh be greater dan dem. dem always haffi be leader.

    di situation different fi spice cause ah she ah di boss, but mi can imagine wha she gwaan wid behind di scenes. nicholas come clean har up fi mi pls and thanks.

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