1. If u went to a Vocational High School back inthe day that did the CNA or LPN u could have graduated high school being either one. I don’t know what age decoy graduated high school though. Just saying

  2. May she got the wording wrong and meant she has been one for 16 yrs , happens when you type to fast and think at the same time.

  3. depending on the state, a cna is not necessarily a licensed person. a cna is principally a caregiver and does not require any special training save that they should know basic cpr. several high schools offer health career programs where upon graduation the student has not only basic cpr qualification but may qualify to be an emt….

    1. in NO STATE noneeeeeeeee can u be a cna without training or certified hence cna=CERTIFIED nuring assistant ….. a home health aide or home attendant or adult sitter may be …not cna #FACT

      1. I think that’s what he maybe referring to…probably the same thing she mean but mussi jus a call it CNA.

        1. oooooooooh ok ………..well then the discussion is null and void if we don’t have our title’s accurate….maybe by RN she means LPN woyyyyyyy….ur point well taken tho

          1. Badbreed mek u bad so…a LPN is only 2 classes away from a RN so she should be able to hang on and get that RN

          2. loL hotstepper u n me know dat . but u no see dem a say the abbreviations dem may or may not be wat is meant. so how we fi kno wat is really wat ? hail yaaa

  4. At least she is proud or lying about something that involves hard work and not stealing so Everybody give her a f***ing break…..Good job, soon to be nurse keep keep working hard.

  5. Most of us were cna’s from wi likkle bit growing up in Jamaica cause most ah wi did haffe change out wi granny or grandaddy bed pan at some point….

      1. Yawdy :peluk, girl I am hardly working…taking car of some very important matters ana drive up ah dung di place…tired baaad, exhausted, but mi good still mumz…

  6. Yes you can be a CNA at 16 depending on what high school you went to. You guys have too much time on your hands worrying if she can be a cna at age 16 or not….. Atleast she is employed‼️‼️‼️‼️ smh dame it man go get a life‼️‼️‼️

  7. at least she is going to work, and she should be proud no matter what kind of work she is doing, because a no teef she a teef man

  8. should ppl be proud she have a job? Yes.. But from mi a notice dis gal a bare lie she lie bout EVERYTHING. Mi deh pon har IG and a few months back she post some fake Gucci sneakers, one sumbody ask har weh she get dem, she tell dem seh har man send dem from Germany or Italy dem is a limited addition. Mi guh rite inna fimi closet and find mine..a wah dat fi lie bout? she a 26 and waan buss inna di dancehall lyfe so bad dat she push up har self pon anything weh move, man or gyal…

    1. Exactly!..Gucci sneakers cost bout $425-$495, depending on which kind yuh get…mi wear mine twice and dem still inna the box nuh wear again…no big deal; what inna dat fe lie bout or even brag bout? :ngakak

  9. Mi hear ah girl one time ah brag bout how ar True Religion jeans cost hundreds of dollas, one of a kind and mi ah think tuh miself seh eitha this gal lie or foo fool bad, cause when mi did si them same jeans deh at the True Religion outlet store dem did have plenty on the rack and dem was cheap cheap lol…

  10. You cannot, I repeat cannot be a CNA at 16. You can receive a work permit (some get it earlier). For health programs in high school you have to complete your basic requirements along with the programs requirements, and there are no CNA internships offered at no H.S. Who graduates H.S. at 16 and if she did she needs to be more than just a CNA with her brains.

  11. actually u can be because u can get your GED. I know ppl who dropped out of High school and got their GED instead

  12. I don’t know who she is, but she looks very cute in that photo. At least she been doing something with herself all these years, and still looking for upliftment. I caan knock her at all, just gotta respect her hustle and ambition.

  13. CNA Course Requirements from the Red Cross in the state of California
    Must be at least 16 years old but many healthcare organizations require nursing employees to be 18 years of age.

  14. What some of you have said about the HS is true. My sister=in-law went to a regular HS and at that time the HS offered a LPN program for free thru BOCES. She graduated from the program before she graduated HS. She took the state board after HS graduation, she didn’t pass the first time but she took it again and passed. She had to be more than then 18 at the time.

  15. she lie fi true. mi memba one time me go do mi nails and one woman fom avon did deh inna the store a offer free facial and she also say them come to ur house to show u the product and test it on u for free and one time mi go pon miss decoy page a see the same lady with same products and her caption was “I’m a boss bitch am having a spa day at my house” I was dying because me know she a lie fi the gram

  16. You people too bloodclot dunce you can graduate at 16 but state law requires you to be 18 years of age to legally take care of someone and get paid for it

  17. And to the person weh seh she did a meant she was doing it for 16 years .. 26-16 =10 so since she was 10 she ah Cna ?

  18. she can be a NA at 16 of course if she drp out took her GED and went to a little 6 week course.. NA a nuh RN it dont take long and In some states 16 is conssidered adult

  19. Tell her fi stop lie from bigs left you and put u out him house u a cotche a priny house u can’t read a HHa u have go get u pickney dem u lef fi hype u a one big waste matter bout rn don’t make me laugh u jus a run down hype

  20. @ wicked…..any old thot can be what? RN?……its sooooo damn easy????……hhhhmmm??……well let me ask the question…your patient has a blood pressure of 142/68 and a heart rate of 115 and also is complaining of pain, shortness of breathe and wants their morphine,your patient also has a potassium level of 3.5…..yes this can all be the same patient…….and has meds due…the meds are…..metoprolol 20mg, lisinopril 10 mg and furosemide 80mg, morphine 10mg………….which meds do you give and which do you hold?…which will help your patient the most or kill them?…and this is a basic question on a nursing job interview…….ill check back for your answer later….lmfao

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