Dancehall artiste Delus reportedly recorded a video of himself with a gun at his head moments before his death.
Delus, 35, the older brother of Konshens, is suspected to have committed suicide at his home in Havendale, St Andrew, last night.
Police investigators at the scene told THE STAR that an amateur video was sent proportedly by Delus to his girlfriend, who raced back home to stop him.
Neighbours said that they saw when Delus’ girlfriend drove home at about 7 p.m. and made a mad rush for the house while screaming “No! No! No!”
They surmised that he was already dead by the time she got inside.
Two females, said to be tenants, were at the house when the shooting took place.
Delus’ house is located across from Freddie McGregor’s Big Ship studios.
The Constabulary Communications Unit said last night that residents heard an explosion about 7:05 p.m. and summoned the police. Delus was found with a gunshot wound to the head.


Delus, whose given name is Delmark Spence, is believed to have shot himself in the head while in a bathroom at his two-storey house. His body was found in the bathtub.
Konshens appeared shell-shocked as investigators processed the scene last night. He sat on the ground, head in his hands, crying.
Around him, people spoke in hush tones, others sobbed as they struggled to come to grips with the loss.
Entertainers Tarrus Riley and Jah Vinci were among those who turned up at the house to give support.
One family member was overheard on a telephone conversation talking about the video which Delus was said to have recorded and sent to his girlfriend moments before his demise.
Delus, who, like Konshens, is a recording artiste, got his break in 2005 with a single called Pon Di Corner, which he did with his brother.
After deciding to pursue solo careers, Delus and Konshens went separate ways.
Delus is known for songs such as What Tomorrow May Bring, Another Gal, and She is Happy.


  1. Met I know its not a good time to say this and a lot of ppl might cuss mi out. But I swear to god I heard it from good good source. Someone very close to him who introduce me to him last month. He says its AIDS the baby mother give him and he also found out that their youngest daughter isn’t his. I was shell shocked because he seems to be such an upstanding person I keep thinking y would she do him like that. RIP yute. When someone goes like that I can’t see how their soul would b at peace still. And also that’s y he sent the video to her specifically.

    1. ppl always find a way to put aids in it. And if she give him aids and is not his daughter you would think him woulda kill she too cause is she give him. Only mek sense.

      1. A him a go dead from the AIDS. He’s the public figure, not the woman and pickney. If a so it go then we see why she a fling scriptures and mumma say like a rain storm.

    2. Lie u fren a tell. He didn’t send the video to his baby mom, he sent it to his gf. 2 different ppl dat so u source a tell u bare lie fi try increase him pussy points.

  2. You can see a man but not see his heart or his hurt. A person can be upbeat at times then the next moment they end it all. May his soul rest on peace, he must have been going through a lot for him to think this is the only way out.

  3. So it mek more sense now that Koshens made a post on his IG page with his daughter and Delus older daughter. Cause the street saying the last daughter the browning baby is not his. Wow if this is so more time we women can be so cruel and destructive. Sleep mi fren.

  4. I believe it with his baby madda look how Konshens only post his brother big daughta and only mention she he will tek care of. Him never mention the next young baby.

  5. This hot eno man, God know just wish it neva reach desso. Esp fi the children involved. Worse a good yute naah swear fi nuh man but anybody weh go round him fi a minute will see and know a good yute and as much as him inna the biz him neva sharky like some man so dat mek it worse. As smaddy weh been down the depression road mi can say its a demon that attacks your blind side. Its harder to detect in introverts. Mi just waah bless up him family and friends. To all others suffering through what ever it may be, just know death is never the answer ok. It causes more pain and suffering than you think, it doesnt take it away from your love ones nor does it get you even. Living and making the best of it does. Seek help anywhere you think is best. If you seek it and that place didnt work out look somewhere else PLEASE!!!

  6. This is a time of mourning and all yuh still sou sou sou sou ? D man us dead. We do not know if he had AIDS. I know many people living with AIDS that are not suicidal.
    Obviously there was some hidden depression, mental health issue and I am sorry he chose that path. Most people who attempt suicide don’t really wan to die, but are reaching for a way out… That instant.

    I posted a comment under the Morgan story first yesterday without reading this suicide story, because I thought it was a hoax. How shocking and sad.

    People please support d family and not place blame. We were NOT d mattress! We Nuh know ” browning baby Nuh fi him ” ( my gosh, unno dangerous bad) wooooiiiii

    1. If that handsome Black man woman burn him and tie him up wid jacket that hoe will not be pardon. So hope the story is just that. Damn vampire bitches get people you pickney and destroy dem. Then their fellow vampires chorus bout man dis and dat.

  7. When I first read the story I also said Herpes. I thought to myself it is much more than herpes more like Aids. Then to hear the blogger confirmed I was like wow. Whatever caused him to go out that way it was something really deep thats all I saying.

  8. We all seem to be ignoring the fact that SUICIDE IS RAPIDLY BECOMING A COMMON OCCURRENCE IN JAMAICA AMONGST THE YOUNG. There is something VERY DISTURBING ABOUT THAT. Whatever DEMON cause this young man to kill himself, i do hope hope he can truly find eternal peace. Aids is NO LONGER A DEATH SENTENCE AND herpes is far from it…I WISH NOT TO SPECULATE, MEK HIM REST: POOR SOUL..

        1. It’s beyond bizarre. The whole damn world is unbalanced it seems. It’s terrifying…because it will only get worse before it gets better..

  9. Yesterday (and times before that) a girl abt 14 years old wanted to commit suicide, her family members brought her to church last night, one piece a praying bout 5 prayer warrior pray fi har about 30 minutes straight. Di likkle girl gwaan wid one piece a bawling an running, dem affi guh ketch har back, no sah :nohope she say a prefer she dead cause she caah tek it no more.
    But before all that she looked happy, smiling and all a laugh afta mi because mi sing loud and do mi own ting. Then after Bishop walk round and feel out the place, him stop a she. Him lead her to the front of the congregation an put her fi stan up, then all that happened weh mi tell yuh bout up top. Bwoy di suicide demon deh pan di loose.

    P.S lazy writing :nerd mi jus come een an wah share my story.

  10. ahy sah unnu right sigh Suicide demon dem a run rampant inna di world right ya nung…..the holy spirit showed me that before suicide of the physical happen….it happen spiritually first…..wehaffi pray and fast and hang on pon jesus robe tail

  11. ahy sah unnu right sigh Suicide demon dem a run rampant inna di world right ya nung…..the holy spirit showed me that before suicide of the physical happen….it happen spiritually first…..wehaffi pray and fast and hang on pon jesus robe tail

  12. Suicidal stage reach nuff ppl an of course yuh demons a wait an a say yes dweet. But yuh affi fight yuh go een fi get out… ppl see di life an dem say oh no it ova but Mi wah go to di end Mi find out Mi caah fight wid Mi yiy close

  13. so sad, rip young man, thought about it many times, would never do it only because I’m too coward and besides the children would not get the insurance.

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