So mi notice from wah day miss shamiele and Mr chubbie all up in each other comments…is a Fanclub, dem a f@#k or dem is new found besfren?! Caz everybody close dese days… Mi just a ask…






5 thoughts on “DEM JUS A ASK

  1. This long face no ambition gyal need fi go get a work every pan knock she present fi a 23 year old gyal Nave no f*cking ambition n trust me she is a whore just like Aneka just undercover

  2. lol he’s not cute and ain’t he with that yannyderks or whatever her name is chick? Plus she got a regular job and I don’t think it’s enough to buy everything in fashion for me curled up toe sham

  3. I must say…. Shamiele is a waste of space on this earth along with that f**ed up face “friend” Aneka sell pussy Townsend. She’s at every event with no money in her pockets. She begs/f**k so hard to show on social media. Btw, she cotching how sad for a young girl. When she speaks I’m always like . Shit up pussy Sham. This bitch needs a reality check. So f**in sad! I know this girl from high school and after St. Huges that’s it! Bitch go back to school or go get a trade. F**king worthless bitch. You N ur pussy will get old eventually. she wants to be uptown so bad.

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