Send them one name Tedane one name stinga Wilson one name duzs

Them come from Portmore the man Weh name fabbie a f**k them the car Weh them stand on a fabbie own

9 thoughts on “DEM SEH A DEM MAN CYAR

  1. Amba yuh need fi lef di yute dem alone man, Jeez!!
    must you send this in! Di yute dem straight!!

  2. Man who bleach is usually g@y g@y g@y g@y g@y… Man rub to look pretty fi next man… Fish!!!!!

  3. Dem nuh inna di tights an di long dress shirt dem so dem can get a pass from me today fi whateva a gwan wid dem

  4. The one in a the black an white top a batty man longtime cause him use to f**k me friend when him ago Mona.. An me hear say a him a f**k the one in a the jeans top now an him always sleep a him yard

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