Good day met ,,, apparently I make post with#facts about this b*tch.. Rochelle and people got mad well har friends Dwrcl !!!! Well met!! You will be getting the Video very was planning to send it to today but Rochelle call the man and cuss the man lol and him cuss me!! So I have to go thief the phone pay to open to get the video I only saw a piece of it gal can’t such wood good lol and still a take bus!!! lol and still broke YES!!!! she don’t have child but still live in mother house with bag bag families. She sell f**k don’t own good bed that AC been old lol AC not expensive I have one tooo😜… Gal can’t even take pictures without fold har legs or hide it with har hands skin nasty buss buss ugly plus tax !!! What she have to show out 12 years party every night clothes lol… Met the video soon come dwl


  1. Dutty senda move n gweh n Lowe di gyal,awah true she can suck hood better than u? kmt a swear badmind is a hell of a thing

  2. No video will appear…. Sounds like a classic case of haterism. I bet you these two are at eachothers throats over some lame wannabe man who has hype on his name but don’t know what the inside of a bank looks like… Leave it to some dancehall bimbos to fight over a waste man…

  3. A di girl dis weh har age a struggle behind har… anyways senda Mi luv suck hood it’s my speciality so now yuh just sound bad wid yuh mind cause yuh all a talk say yuh have AC tuh.. tone it dung yuh dash di tings bout har wah day an we gi yuh some ups an yuh stay home an laugh, but now it sweet yuh so yuh come back but now you stawt show tuh 🙂

      1. teach mi too cause me just start and mi nuh hear him a she,”ooh, aaahh, babbbyyyy!” mi tink man fi silent wen buddy a suck, him said a tru him inna a different world and cannot use language wen him deh deh, latty is he being truthful. mi really waan succeed as sucking seed and peen, I am kinda an ova achiever.
        OT-O=on topic, Rochelle mi nuh too like yuh cuz u love trouble people to much, but mi nuh support hate,so sender gweh

  4. Comment up top seeking lessons is hilarious.Dwl
    All this sucking and eating is big people thing.Is not a crime.Different things for different people.Grow up.Sender if you really have video,please don’t send it in do your self a favor and watch it over and over and learn.
    You sound bitter af and probably just as good at d@@p throat undercover but you trying to style the girl.

  5. Everyday mi read seh deze girls are selling pum pum. Is where dem selling it or advertising it for sale? Mi Google,, All now mi nuh see one of these gerls selling their wares. Is there a store in the mall??…cho!!

  6. The Big pussy gal that put this up obviously need some more attention. It look like u tek rochelle fren advise an mek u fren read ova u post b4 u send it but its about time u tek d other ppl dem advise and go look a life. Don’t seh u talking facts bitch ca no bag a family no live inna rochelle house and obviously u a describe ur bed. Is it the lasco fan u a refer to as AC? johncrow stop lie. Is only on social media u av mouth gal….yuh mus approach rochelle dutty gal. U need fi go feed yuh hungry belly pickney an hop off a rochelle. Badmind is active. Bitch u need to read # 5 in the disclaimer and if u can’t read ask u fren to read it for u. #Do not deliberately LIE on someone here or send in any information based on your own personal vendetta# if rochelle a mad u yuh need to go jump off a bridge…..or walk out in d road mek a car kill u rass. Is d f**k tht rochelle giv u man a mad yuh….lol wooiiiiieeee. What have u gained from this? Rochelle still ago dress d same way, she still ago look good & you’ll still be the same pathetic bitch hating on her. U a chat bout she still a tek bus….bitch do u own a car? Do u even own a bed? Get a f***n life germs. #badmindworstthanobeah

  7. You all need grace :ngakak

    Latty, you apprenticeship program ago busy : ngakak

    Btw, answer the volunteer apprentice so me can give you program an accreditation certificate :ngakak

  8. Sender please go and suck a dick. You will feel better. U talking out the u fustration the wrong way.stop channeling on the gal and just suck a big dick u will feel better.u are one bitter bitch thats all i know . But dont worry u self time reveal all. Keep hiding behind this web site and talking shit. Your day is coming. All I know rochelle is winning cause she a mad u rass for u to go this length do this.#sadbitchwithnolife#mustbeadogshit#

  9. Rochelle nuh live with no bag a family nice clean house mi Fren live inna gyal show yo self and wat u have

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