1. Yes I! Met! Mi not leaving dis site today! Mi nuh care who want to seh mi nuh have nuh life ….mi den yah fi de drama. Yes I!

          1. So dis gyal really tek har hard earn money book ticket pay fi hotel fee. Fi go watch bolt buddy weh a mek so much millions :nerd :ngakang met u is r powaful lady. Inna mi killa voice.

      1. What you saying? When is his birthday? I can’t wait to see the posts. This is too much! Team Kasi mi say still lol She goes hard for her man.

  2. Ohhhhh so this is the lawyer that was mentioned before. I think it was said that he posted a video slapping her ass in Fiction. Hmmmm. Body up there but the face regular. She looks like a good time girl and has pics and videos with his closest friends. Not sure this is a real mate or a member of the harem.

    She soon private her page when she realize her pic is up here and she getting so many new followers lol

  3. I don’t blame Ugo,what kinda behave him must behave when him nuh committed to not one of them,the man is living like the rich bachelor him be,yuh think if them was any kind of woman with their heads on their body instead of them hands in his pocket he would be the one out here chasing the one he wants to the moon and back.Ugo clearly not ready to settle down and will have his way with them until one of them challenge his ass to show them respect and make what they have exclusive.

  4. Rassclaat Samatha and Bolt did deh. But Kasi ave nuff competition thooo. Sam woulda deh wid him cuz a Bolt she done have har money.

  5. Samantha yah the next one cause yuh just celebrated her 30th birthday and all yuh have a party city gold number balloons them pose up wid as if……unno a run in pon man wid money nd unno pus-c game nuh deh nuh weh near up,guh step yuh pus-c game up kmft

    1. No, seriously! I’m still waiting to see one of these girls look and act like they’re dating a man with money. Shoes, parties, and hanging out at his house can’t be it. You guys dealing with Bolt too SOFT!

  6. Tell you how life funny. That same girl Tahira is Bolts best friend from when he moved to Kingston to train. She does NOT rate Kasi and this is facts I’m talking about. That’s a story for another day. She is the one who introduce Sam and and another ex friend to BOLT and a so comes them start deal.

      1. Post snaps togeyher?? They were in a forced place hunny that one time. Very shocked when Tita was in that snap because she does not deal with miss Kasi like that.

  7. Oh Jesus! Not even putty nuh sticky so….dem tings deh Mi a talk bout usain a nice black girl….dem mix up girl deh raw my youth. Nice black queen Yuh ago have by Yuh side yea…

    1. Latty! girl stop it cause a no every darkie up to standard or smell like daisies….more like cerasse :nerd

      Bless that baby hair whenever he or she ever reach

  8. I hope they ban all these groupies front gate, nuh baddah come salt up di man ting he has 2 more big races to.

  9. She ain’t no Princess Apple but Samantha is drop dead gorgeous!!She only lose marks for that hand tatoo cuz for a lawyer how u gonna present ur case with that hand?

    As a Judge or Juror I would rule against her just for that hand tatoo ijs.

      1. Thanks much, bless up!! Yanoy me Just read a Disturbing post abt a frankfurter inna butt then was ate by some dude..threw me for a loop but a my fault fi lef ya so.I just kaint bother with shyt like that so I’m out for tiDay.

        Before I go though I must say I’m wonDering if unno have selective memory or unno just 4get that Kaci was featured on here before inna mixup with a Miami Dude.The yute sey when she use to log on pon him thing n link him a hotel,where was Bolt?Team Mizicann Evans to the flipping worl,argument done..more time unno tek care.

    1. I tell u I’m not moving from over here today. As I go cook bathe n come back all this gwan. By the time I get over to her page it lock down. But best believe I have my snap chat ready Instagram on deck ready for the games to begin. I chose the right time to take a week off work. So trust n believe I’m right here till the end. Let’s go lady’s who will when the front page pic.

  10. Just as Kasi get rid of Kirstin another mate hot on her heels. The road to Mrs. Bolt status is indeed a long one.

  11. I know we all like some good tea…even me. Yes, maybe Bolt have nuff girls…its Bolt. And there is no reason to hide that. But we all prefer real tea. Nuh suh? I have no reason to lie or hide or cover up anything…we are all grown. But they are not in anything. absolutely nothing -but I read the comments and don’t want ppl to mislead themselves. I’m sure there is a real sidechick somewhere out there. She is a nice girl, hardworking, smarttttt and bought her own ticket etc to Rio…b/c she can afford it. Her going to Rio has nothing to do with Bolt but just for the Olympics experience with the rest of her friends. I think we all here love to experience things and travel, right? We all have good friends that are guys – some famous, some not so famous…it dont matter, fren a fren. Unu dont need to cuss me, I’m not posting to kick up any dust but there is no need to go bizerk. Maybe she private her page cause this is unwarranted attention over a nice normal girl….trust me, false alarm.


  13. This post isn’t what caused any speculation that Sam is dating Bolt. Is long time her name been calling on this site. Long time people been talking about the “lawyer girl”. Even before pictures in planes were posted, it was said that SHE SAM would be in Rio along with Kasi. I know you’re defending your friend. But these girls love hype man, the attention, and additional followers and when they look like a damn fool a road, they wanna hide and private page. KMT gwan ya

  14. Any how him falter dem gal yah haffi guh run wey!! Dem know seh dem ah jus one of, suh weh dem gaan pack up ah Rio fah?! Before him lef Jamaica dem know dem position dem shudda jus keep dem raas whe dem deh

  15. LEFF bolt cocky, ITS ALIVE PUSSY FI GET F…., A 8 police ponTHE SITE loop Jamaica a run eena a yard a Lincoln crescent a board house mi see people roun a the back dead to rass, the yard look like a yard mi go when mi small,THEM COME WHEN GUNMAN GONE after the fact news say farrin involve,, a long time nutten no gwan dung deh

  16. Samantha is NOT ugly ! Try again ! Memba she enter Miss Jamaica she neva win but was in the top 5 and even so she is beautiful, she dont even have to wear weave, if she come roun some a unuh man him haffi look gal dont ugly. I always thought they were all friends to be honest mi need way more convincing. She and her frenz always travelling over the world so this could be one of those trips.

  17. Yes met I am on my way. What’s good? UB call me and tell me he need me there for the world record … My presence is his preference ….while dem a fight mi a cop a flight .. Weh jelaous a go ? Real tea … Mmhhhmm

  18. Can someone explain to me why so many ppl dislike Kasi suh? A real explanation please. Every rich, wealthy or famous person has a ex before they made fame or become rich.
    Why do you dislike her so much? Just curious..

    1. Many of Dem don’t have no REAL reasons, but the fact that she may not be up to their standard of life values, complexion and BAD spending habits :ngakak

      Nuff a dem a look pon fuss gal as ideal :hammer base on some false value system bout ole fyha tick :d

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