1. Yanique has a pretty face but, ass-et is a mess. I was watching her snap chat a few weeks ago and it looked like her ass got bigger every time she walked on stage.

  2. Distasteful………. instant migraine! No Yanique no just no mi naa guh pretend seh mi nuh laaf enuh but my Gawd find an identity..

  3. Call me a hater but she is disgusting. i just can’t. She is always degrading herself. When i think of her, I think of her ass because that’s all she promotes.

    1. It’s sad too because she’s very pretty and she’s intelligent but, not smart enough to realize she’s holding herself back. With less ass and some image tweeking Yanique could blow up.

  4. Yanique this ain’t cute. Very distasteful. This is not how you get the respect you are looking for. Thotty
    And that ass looks horrible

  5. Mi woulda think seh after all that breasts and batty work weh Yanique have done a some bi show a foreign she woulda try get, do the party promoting etc like dem girl deh up so….just goes to show that even with all that….she still common!

    1. Hahha i was gonna mentioned miss kittel but ina difrant fashion, i see clearleèe shez trying to out do Kittel when it comes to being on stage smh and yes her ass looks bigger for real anytime mi see r! #the return of La la the yellow Tellitubby is back! Mi waa know how man backshot r ina bed :bingung

  6. This chick doesn’t look sexy at all she just looks fat….. You would think she would be beyond things like this, but it’s obvious that she still has the mentaility of a common gyal so dancing like a whore for man wid name is still her cup of tea. If your azz is your biggest ASSet than you need to change professions and go back to school.

  7. Not even when the other thots dem a “host” party them nuh have dancers a do dem so. They just dress nice and act cute. Yanique just common so. Nuh likkle nuttin bout her. She’s just cheapening herself

  8. That’s a messs right there. Come one Yanique try elevate yourself from that level. You have a career run with it in a positive direction

  9. She did too much work on her body, especially the booty now she says she’s the curvy diva OK great but did you had to overdo the booty, that’s just way out of control, we out of normal range… she could of still be the curvy diva with a booty t match with her body curves and that will look more natural then what she has now…

  10. I get she makes her money from hosting, but this is very distasteful it puts her character on a whole new level and she just proved right there she has NO CLASS!

  11. There is nothing attractive about this STRUMPET right here!! She looks fat, frumpy, stuffed and over done. Besides her face, Yanique u look a hot mess. Saw u in person and I refuse to belive u can wash that ass of yours without help. Gross!!

  12. So dis donkey hampa behind bird a participate in dis fckry. Look how wi bun out dat misogynistic demon ova yah, and dis on air personality teck up herself a participate in di dehumanization of women. We see di mount a violence and murders being doled out to women and dis same woman is a willing participant in di violent dancing, and treating women’s bodies as objects. See why wi caan win dis shit when ppl wid platform a part a di problem. Yanique, if no man ever beat you or harm you in any way nuh come look no assistance from those of us fighting dis evil when you a part a di damn bloodclaat problem yourself.

    Is she not a mother to a daughter?

  13. I dnt believe she went a 3rd/4th time to do her but, she’s just getting fat…shi need fi loose Bout 20 at di best dress chicken comment

  14. Nothing against the girl but all a who a write negative sh##$$ about the girl wish like hell that you could do what she have done and a make mad money/coins. You just vex, look at the Kadashian dem, you all chat dem same way and dem a mek crazy money. Nuff a u all in the line a buy lottery ticket fe try and win. STOP THE HATING AND START FIND A WAY TO MEK YOU OWN MONEY APPRECIATE!

  15. Brazilian butt lift transfers the fat to the butt but if you gain weight, you’ll still gain around that area. I think this is what has happened to her

  16. I just hope she continue living her the way she want to enjoy ur life to fullest… these church ppl here acting as if she must life her life accord to ur beliefs.. do your thing

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