Met mi nuh Ex-Mate to not a bbc Kasi. She more mi mate mi nuh fool suh. Usain cannot F**K all the money him did a dash out and a buy mi tings and mi family tings mi nah stay wid him and di crawny f**k. I was f**king Ugo fi years. Everytime mi f**k him mi feel like mi just done try run him dung and cuddnt catch him a bbc KMT I doh wah gi wey tuh much caa mi know Kasi dey ova yah hawdddd.

Dis 1 time mi nuh know if Kasi and him did dey dem time dey but we did a F**k 1 night and she nuh stop blow up di man phone he thought it was urgent suh him look pon it KMT puddung back di phone a sey ” wah do da idiat gyal yah man” he wanted me to answer but mi nuh inna di drama business just hurry up and dun caa yuh a drip sweat pon mi Lawd Gawd

Mi did a vibe wid Usain fi a while him have him gentleman ways nah lie but him dutty bwoy ways tek ova more. Kasi if mi want Ugo mi cyaan get Ugo mi a betta gyal fi yuh caa mi phone nuh stop ring a him dat a try get him buddy wet inna some good hole. All the clothes and boot wey him buy mi and mi family and the money him dash out mi was neva a whore and mi nuh hype dats why di man nuh wah stop reach mi. Yuh fi humble yuhself idiat gyal dats why him nah guh stop shame yuh a road. When all this shit was going on Hello Kasi who him left Cabana City wid? All di hype yuh did a hype yuh neva get a f**k da night dey. Him neva F**K mi but mi KNOW a neva yuh But mi did get a nice Christmas BONUS $$$$ and a bag a message bout please come siddung pon mi hood shhhhhhh nuh sey a word though mi gyal hang on to di pockets fi dear life cause mi nah f**k Usain no more mi all a dodge di man and MI Still get more respect dan YUH

House cyar land all buy mi madda a nice likkle C class nah sey Usain gimme all dat but di likkle shellings help whole heap

Kasi gwaan hype yuh is a big eediat gyal compared to the REAL Good Gyal Goodies out ere



  1. I don’t buy this story here, usain is abiding his time before he leave all they asses for that other white meat.

  2. Sender are you saying he left Cabana City with someone else? I could have sworn it was Kasi’s turn Saturday. I thought he left with her.

  3. Hmmm, this need more people.

    Sender, is just a whole heapa tracing yuh a do. We nah seh she fool and ting but weh di cussing fa? Nuh fi har man? lol.

    Nah, please to re-submit the story wid some text mechizzes, some picture, supm. Tanks fi di likkle but it bitta like cerasee tea. Nah seh yuh a lie enuh. Just want something more put togther baby because this nah keep :batabig

  4. Kasi, stop playing in Met’s inbox.
    I see the anonymouse mate from yesterday got you worried and, while you trying to be slick just keep in mind, most of your mates never send stories to Pink Wall but, that don’t mean Usain not sliding in and out of them and dropping $. It means they know how to be quiet at least for now.

  5. suh him phuck quick nd sweat hard, seems like he is not a mean person him just choose who to spend the most on….funny enough this nah mek Kasi let guh off har future inheritance mi dear

  6. Sender is a liar. If you follow both Kasi and Usain on snapchat you would have seen that him and her left cabana city together in his car and was in bed together. Bwoy some of unnu suh damn wicked trying to fabricate story just to discredit Kasi and Usain relationship. This story is oozing bare lies sender you need to stop.

    1. Learn to read with understanding.

      “”Hello Kasi who him left Cabana City wid? All di hype yuh did a hype yuh neva get a f**k da night dey. Him neva F**K mi but mi KNOW a neva yuh But mi did get a nice Christmas BONUS $$$$ and””

      Clearly Christmas is not here yet, this was a Cabana City in the past. Not this year. The person also said something like she doesn’t know if they were together or not – so this experience she had goodly from 2013 cause dem never get too too serious until 2014.

    2. The story sounds like something Kasi or one her “assistants” sent to try and discredit the sender from yesterday.

  7. y’all are just mad because out of the millions of gal a Kasi the man a own up. so what if him a grind a bag a gal, Kasi know n a help him grind them too. The girl a change up the game. instead of being heart broken n a cry over bun, u n u man f**k them n laugh after them wen unu dun. all ppl a chat bolt n kasi nah lef no time soon.
    Sender u sound hurt bad. if u never want him n a dodge him then all this wouldnt matter to u.

  8. All of you only f@@k him because of his money, including Kasi, it’s just that Kasi is the most determined gold digger ever, she’s trying to get the ring to secure half of that money. If Usain wasn’t who he is, he couldn’t smell some of you armpits and he knows this, that’s why he doesn’t respect any of you and I don’t blame him.

  9. Cyaan tell if u a try gi wi tea, show off seh u did deh wid him and a get secret fk, defend ur character or draw out Kasi
    Weh the screenshot of all these texts? These non stop phone calls. You and Ugo go somewhere.. anywhere… sen ee&n. A pic of the 2 a unnu… block out ur face if need be. This just sound like u write a piece based on what ppl been saying lately
    U need more ppl.

  10. Sender is a loose common batta foot gal. Case closed. Yuh cyan show yuh face so dat simply means seh ah lie yuh a lie! Ah brag bout buddy weh yuh sed one claim cyan do de wuk… LAME ASS HOE! Get a life, B! Stop compete wid Kasi since yuh claim seh she a yuh mate! SCUMBAG! You’re just another hoe off the block!

  11. Sender him buy and spent money on you and your family but you should of invest in a Education you sound dunce and illiterate seriously

  12. At the end of the day nobody cares wah you do wid your underneath, who truly going to lose sleep seh you fckd Bolt, whole heap a unno out yah, nutten nuh special bout DAT. Now, if you seh you a Father Holung’s mistress wi would all be interested cause DAT a real tea.

  13. When it comes to vulgar, shameless talk you are the masters. Its almost unbelievable how females can have no shame like this. Pure prostitution speech, and you hate each other like………..Just cannot understand why you love to hate so much and in the same time you chat bout god. Hypocrites to rass,
    you can win any gold medal any time in that discipline.

  14. it’s funny how you asking is who bolt left cabana city with and the person was Kasi. Low life suddy pussy bitches are all mad and salty for no reason. To be hyping being “f**ked” by bolt is so unbecoming of you because whether he f**ked you or not he’ll just see you as a common bitch ain’t nothing special about you for him to brag and boast about. At least Kasi is the one was flown to bora bora while you’re some where being bitter and sore over what was probably a one night stand bitch get over your pathetic self

    1. Di way u seh flown to Bora Bora people would think the plane picked them up in Bolt’s backyard or is the back a one eagle dem fly pan go deh

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