Sisters have been blackmailing Nigeria’s rich and famous for years until they met Femi Otedola

Two sisters, Jyoti and Kiran Matharoo have been remanded in prison custody for allegedly trying to blackmail billionaire, Femi Otedola. The sisters are also guilty of cyber-bullying and for running a notorious website called ‘naijagistlive’. The website was used by the sisters to accuse several high-ranking men like Shina peller, Femi Otedola, Musa Danjuma among many others, of cheating and patronizing prostitutes.

Investigations by Politics Nigeria reveal that the sisters who are high society prostitutes sought to blackmail Otedola by claiming to have evidence of him cheating on his wife. They demanded money in order not to go public with the details. This was their ‘modus operandi’. It was also discovered that the girls recorded conversations and s*x romps with their rich clients which comprise of politicians, club owners and businessmen. After the acts, they approach their victims through a third party, threatening them to pay thousands of dollars or risk the release of the recordings/pictures/videos online through their website ‘Naijagistlive’.

Luck has since ran out on them as they were arraigned at the Yaba Magistrate Court today, 23rd December . The case has been adjourned to January 26th 2017 and they would be remanded in prison from today.

Otedola has been praised by victims of the girls for going out of his way to track them down. Sources in the know say that he contacted detectives and plotted the arrest of the vixens thus putting an end to their vicious spell of dominance over high society.

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Immediately after their arrest, the sisters made a confessional statement revealing that they are the ones behind the controversial website: “naijagistlive.” They also confessed that they have slept with over 100 men Nigerian men, all with deep pockets.

More importantly, the sisters have issued a heartfelt apology to Otedola, urging him to forgive them for their plots to blackmail and extort him. Before meeting Otedola, the sisters had dealt ruthlessly with a lot of Nigerian billionaires. using their slanderous website to wreck many homes and destroy the reputation of many of their unsuspecting clients.

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They failed to choose their enemy wisely as Otedola is known for his wits. It would be recalled that the Forte Oil boss was the one who exposed prominent lawmaker, Farouk Lawan, in an elaborate and very sordid bribery saga.


  1. Is that Rebecca Silvera in the yellow?? Dem use dem silky hair and yellow skin as their charm in a country where black is a dominant race smh greedy puppy always get choke dem lucky dem neva end up ina body bags!

  2. A two sister from Toronto .. dem tink a Everyman frighten two inian dem mi nuh know y dem feel se dem coulda Cindy win dem tink a di small money NBA player dem did a Rama ramp wid … that’s y it pAy fi read … dem only do dem research pon money .. but dem Neva research who femi otedola is… parents lie to dem think hair is everything dann fool dem

  3. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others…

    Mi seh mi watch the news wah day yah bout it nd dem have court next month, dem try fi scam de wrong man is who tell dem fi guh fass wid the richest man ova Nigeria nd ttink him did ago ben. To how dem parents shame all now dem caan sey shit dem rass yeye too big all de site shut dung immediately,bout them a try use sex tape gence him,Mr.Man just lawyer up nd set dem ass a blaze

  4. Exactly G, them say show off bring disgrace. After getting the first few pay outs they could have invested in a business or education. But no, it seems as if they used it to show off and stunt on the gram. As far as I’m concern they got what they deserve.

  5. Good morning everyone. Happy New Year!!

    boy, these girls really are some real conspirators. They just dash out the pums and plan for big pay outs afterwards. At least they literally use what they had without apology at the time. But now them get caught. They are some real genials. I wonder how much money they fleeced from the 100 men. LOL. I don’t feel sorry for them. LOL

    I had a friend who was able to talk money out of men, but the sad part now is she ina her mid 50’s and have nothing for show. She just have stories about how much money she used to get and now she get deported and living ina room and always talk about how her daughter nah treat her right. Mind you she leff har 5 kids and never send the big money and just pure clothes, party and gambling. The one good thing I can say, she one time use the big money and send for her oldest daughter though. The woman shape good and the most sexiest dark skin woman I’ve ever seen grace Jamaica and New York in the late 80’s. She still look good. When I say shape good, traffic used to block pon Flatbush during the summer. She was tall, strong, and solid. She full of regret that she never use the money wisely.

    sorry about the long comment.

  6. I was reading it the other day on gistamania live and I was like damn these hoes are like the Kardashians with they Kardashians marry them then f*** you over these b****** is just out to get you from the gate. I like gistamania 2, they got some amazing story going on over there she thought Jamaica was corrupted. Man the motherland is a piece of work

  7. Mi doe have a problem wid selling noh sor…but dem really did a go hawd wid di man dem and di man dem did a ketch dem fraid. Dem too brave cause dem nuh fraid fi obeah yuh claat a nigeria dem really…..mi mean really really brave and gone mek website fi expose man whey dem sleep wid and hate pan girls whey did a do di same ting..dis deep they were asking for something and dem get it…One american one I think she was on tagthesponsor too..goodly jamaican all she a tek one nigerian and did a hype pan him wife..Sell with an aim and collect and uplift ah doe have no problem..selling ova teefing any day but these two did a gwaan wid tuh much one time

    1. Met me haffi agree wid u…dem sell and nah do ntn but hype with it. A nuh fi me personally but me no have a problem with anybody who a sell and use it fi move up inna dem life! A nuh all a we a go have it or have no other means fi get by, so me nah too bash di ones who do!

      1. While Jesus did save di two thief dem He was not keen on them. The bible show a lot of discretion to prostitutes cause a dem body dem a sin with and when u steal u a violate urself along with people tings

  8. Obviously dem gyal deh nuh have nuh sense. Dem shoulda stick tuh selling front and lowe di blackmail ting. Nuff prostutute build Empire outta selling front. See wha happen when dawg get craven?? Hope dem duh hard time..:travel

  9. Met, Over 10 years dem whoring in Nigeria and don’t own a house or a business.. how do you f#kk millionaires for 10 years and all you have to show for it is birkin bags, 10k watches, designer clothes & shoes and a benz they share between them???… Is wen di money man dem done run through dem and dem p#$$y have 0 value, dem decide to blackmail people. All this hype and show off for social media.

    1. Nuh regular instagram queen ting dat oo..Di one mi like a di black girl from kenya, she clear skin and have a round face and nice shape. All dubai she go but she have har veetles and mussy house now…she start from di battam till she nearly reach yah now..These indian girls have balls though cause nigerian men love dem traditional food and my God dem sweat not sweet at all nuh matter how much perfume :nohope

  10. Seriously is this life I don’t understand how some of these woman sleep with these dirty African my god I can’t stand the people them they make me sick.when you see them you skin crawls dem personal hygiene is way off when I see Jamaican woman with African men it suck me bad cause African them a bare prostitute them f**k these two Indian gal need to go and find a job and lef dem stink hood African man dem alone

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