5 thoughts on “DEM SICK

  1. yuh a hype pon supm weh anybody can have? yuh buy yuh brown inna one chube and yuh a hype pon dat. how about gaining something that can’t be brought like, class, intelligence, ambition. sad how unu yung and dumb, unu future in jeopardy like the skin yuh so proud of

  2. Typical lager head Jamaican gal. Think it’s ok to bleach and put yourself at risk for skin cancer and other health issues but also thinks it’s an absolute sin to have “one pair ah shoes that yah wear everywhere.” How likkle ole Jamaica have so much high maintenance broke people? This gal is so dunce she needs to be reborn.

  3. Mi say das why some a dem dead
    Knowledgeless ppl bout white god. Afta how white ppl wicked dem brain wash dem wid everything else so why not tell dem God is also white. Awww boy

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