Sky Sexilips kitchen. Can someone say “ghetto and frighten”. Who dem tings yah but Jamaican ppl and some hype Yankee.


  1. She seems cool. I like her personality via IG (don’t know her outside of that).. Her and d man seem to be madly in love. But god she has the worst ass surgery I’ve Eva seen. Terrible!!!

  2. Sigh Most kitchens I’ve been in look just like that. So what di real hype about Skyy?? Because nuting don’t special bout dat kitchen. Neva see come see SMFH

  3. Senda stop being hateful any accomplishment should be rejoiced and America you da. Some humble unno self cah you nah hav no papers I’m sure ole informer

  4. wat is there to badmine ova my kitchen is stainless steel marble floor n me nuh have time fi ah upload it pon sm matter a fact most ppl house weh me guh kitchen stainless dis frighten Friday bitch need fi guh take several seats bwoy dese dancehall ppl come in like cesspool da hole a ddem think act da same dem need a diagnosis disorder caan badda dis mornin

  5. @anonymous 8:58 Of course she can rejoice. Nothing wrong with that But a video on Facebook just showing the empty kitcen and the appliances??? Really??? An yuh nuh see nuthin silly and frighten about that Smh Now ppl hateful and illegal?? No my girl, are u serious I haffi laugh Ctfu

  6. Good morning met and meters…. Yanique seh wen she in a har 30 she was a bad B..itch and now she a try bi wife… Yanique if a nuh yu or sharie an di sendah well mi eat mi IPONE 4 like yours LOL LMFAO .. Stop hate pan di girl she ova duh it sumtime but she still hav har own key to har house Wey yu and sharie don’t have . Har own kar … An har own tikit wen she wa travel …wen lass yu tek a trip Yanique? Unuh leff di gal alone … Har badi tun dung yes an a suh fi mr. Possible tan yu wid har long titty and she nuh hav chick or chile … Fi yu nuh tun up either Yanique an Sharie still an fight wid fi har from fat to slim to photoshop. As she put up a post pon IG unuh fret dat sound like badmind man a suh nuh hate pan Fren … Yanique yu is Fren to nat a soul… Nat corrie nat Kim nat yu self nat Sharie only tuh yu bag an shoes an money… Di all a unuh a hate unda cuva Kim yu kno yu an dem sistahs a chat up bout sky tap play hypocrite an leff out sky picha dem yu too wikid ..Yanique sky hav 4s phone yu wah it.dwl it beta dan di 4

  7. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
    dere is ntn like yuh own however unno need fi stop invite de wurl inside unno home sum tings must continue tuh remain private yuh nuh haffi prove ntn tuh a soul wen yuh knw wen yuh knw…ppl study unno place,background etc nd cum rub unno,set unno up etc.
    a nuff illegal ppl have house is just fuh fah name dem use get which is a next topic cuz wen push cum tuh shove sum a dem all of a suden a seh the house a fi dem cuz a fe dem name it in mi see dis play out so many times dats blood draw….anybody can own a house/home.

    1. It look she deh seh everybody can own a home/house,but not one with a kitchen and a kitchen that have in SS appliances,at that, ahem. SS is one thing but a SZ appliance a do it.
      A guess if all dese tings nevah a pop up all ovah SM we wouldn’t be commenting, but Sky oh mine dem come rob u,u hear and den a deh suh di tory wouldah deh, caz dem might find out seh is not wah dem did thnk it was and sue u fah or worst… :ngakak :ngakak
      Ascording to masses, it look like dem a seh u deh seh u body might tun dung but u a mek up fi it wid di kitchen..dem seh show dem di bathroom, bedroom and living room patio and backyard to..caz it need more dan kitchen fi mek up fi dah di makeshift body weh u deh try spin…a suh mi hear ooo, suh mi are heard.

      1. Tinan, from mi si di girl fridge mi know she have good home furnishing taste n’ style;wid ah fridge like dat mi woulda proud ah it tuh..

        1. Yeppie oh, u tell me now warrah part mi did seh sinting wrang wid har Fridge ma’am? I nevah seh she nevah fi proud a it eida..suh is wah u want to come beat mi not so big behind fah ma? lol

  8. yes met she took down her page because it was up last night and she made a video posting the vm message cheese leave about the beating lmao

  9. Nothing wrong with u kitchen my girl buttttttttt. Remember everything hype own in his mom name shhhhhhhhhhhh me gone hope u stacking a little pile some where .

  10. Story come to bump. If u know weh Marlene come from anything is a come up. She much business if batty stay bad BC her cellulite is finally gone and She have breast now no longer stuffing bras.
    Any way sweets and dolly beg har fren to get name in dancehall and now a style jar them terrible ee.
    Yes everything fii me hype inna mama name so Marlene Nuh right if brag bout what she own. She own 4 implants and that’s about it.

  11. I love sexy ,, I think this video is for kimmy boo . Sweets dolly and some others but sexy u don’t need to prove anything to anybody boo …. Nah mean work in silence and let success do the talking it’s best to be humble sometimes

  12. I love sexy ,, I think this video is for kimmy boo . Sweets dolly and some others but sexy u don’t need to prove anything to anybody boo …. Nah mean work in silence and let success do the talking it’s best to be humble sometimes

  13. Kmft teeth, this bitch is soooo annoying, then got the nerve to be thinking ppl hating on her chile please. Don’t u have a child? (Daughter at that) how come u never post her yet on ig or call her “myrib” ? ” when dish cloth turn table towel is a hell of thing eeh mah smh. N don’t think ur the shit cues ur NOT!!! I’m a 26 yr old female holding me n my entire family down both here n ja with no offerings from a man, so quick ur nonsense. You’ll be the boss when I start posting ur child and ur mom, u post the dog as of u gave birth to it. #girlbye

  14. In all honesty Marlene is a real cool girl and shi use tuh clothes and such. Her older sister was a higgler and she and Claire always looked well put together anytime me use to si dem. I think it’s Independence City they were living. As far as I remember they came from a good home

    1. Pig city not independence city. Pig city is a little dutty place a di top a waterford. Not no damn good home. U see wah dem chose fi call di place. Dutty dutty dutty place

  15. I don’t see nutten wrong if she nuh wah post her child pon sm but postin kitchen video is so damn tacky n frighten like she nuh use to nutten if fi are circle ah badmine ova a damn kitchen maybe she need sum new friends me Neva see nutten like dis set a ppl I swear classless

  16. I think some ppl are just paranoid that ppl are always jealous of them or badmind of every little thing they do. Sometimes I think they project how they would react if the tables were turned. Also some ppl do not know the difference between appreciation and jealousy, someone can appreciate the things you have and have no form of envy for them. They may like the same for themself, but desire does not automatically equate to envy.
    I love beautiful homes, so I am the sort who always appreciate a well appointed abode, does not mean I am jealous, I just like to see my equal or better expressed in someone’s home design. The kitchen is nice and comfortable looking, the appliances are fine. I am not a fan of ss as you have to clean them constantly to keep them looking good, but many ppl love them for whatever reason.

  17. No Man! This serious, everybody and everybody can have that fridge in them house, Lets hope she pay off for it, Word! this is some neggaish shit I tell you, LOL. From I was birth, video of a kitchen to rass, lol.

  18. This frighten Friday she n di Yankee man too damn hype fi my use!!!… Mi own house long time from me inna mi twenties til now almost 40. She nuh used to nutten not she r him two f**king idiats them

  19. you can never own nothing in good ole merika, except native indians, so check your deed again, it says tenant….so bye, hype for nothing because if uncle sam wanna come tek back his property you kicked to the curb….learn the laws of this land…if you dont have no patent for that land it’s not yours and you just a high class renter….and trust me, i doubt even if you go try get one, you can’t because that land your house is on is registered(patent) to someone else…so go ahead so off but for what????

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