Cops Could Have Ignored My Advice And Arrested MP On Their Own

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn says the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) could have ignored her recommendation and brought charges against parliamentarian James Robertson over the 2011 findings of a criminal investigation.

The DPP issued a statement to The Gleaner this morning in response to a Miami Herald story quoting former Assistant Commissioner of Police Les Green, the case’s lead investigator, as saying there was sufficient evidence to bring charges against the Jamaica Labour Party representative for St Thomas Western.

Llewellyn said in June 2011 her office sent its opinion to Green raising questions about the credibility of the witnesses and the need for “independent corroborative material”.

However, the DPP said she reminded the then senior cop that the JCF had the power to bring charges if it felt they were needed.

“It is unfortunate that Mr Green in his recounting to the Miami Herald, may have suffered from a lapse of memory here or there, causing him to be less than fulsome,” read the DPP’s statement.

She also said the investigators have not submitted any further details to her office after the concerns were raised about the quality of evidence and the witnesses

2 thoughts on “DEN DI DPP REALLY SEH DIS?

  1. I was amazed when I read this phuckery. How she really make that come out her mouth I don’t know. What secrets dis man must hold fi dem a protect him so.

  2. Jamesie will get his day! whats saving him and some of his politician colleagues is because the US have a policy of NOT perusing people in governments of countries that they championed or patronize, their protocol is to wait until those individuals retire/resign or is booted out of office by the people and become a private citizen then they will go after them, in this case jamesie will fight tooth and nail to remain in that seat at all cost even if it means killing off the whole constituency.

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