Rayon u can’t chat to mi na want you. Broke pocket small koki. Go Tek care of dem women & batty u fi dey with. U if dey with different woman every nite. Mi know u fi have wifey—matey—side chick—money chick. You fight 2 of dem women by Raytop because dem chat to man. Rayon u a batty man come out the closest


10 thoughts on “WE INA DI DARK HON

  1. Me will stay inna di dark till him come out a di room, matter a fact look like him still “closet bound”. Mawnnningg and mannnersss my fellow metters, how unno keeping

  2. The truth is we all know say rayon is what him sis but you the elephant mampy still wrong fe teif him partner draw money . That’s the only reason why him keep seeing you and harras you because the boy want him money wey you rob him & his mother ‘ you see how u big like beach wale rayon stain don’t want you . Low the boy name we already know him history but you is a thief ” him no want you as thing is rayon luv hot gal a dat bun you .

    1. Rayon is a THIEF so wha yu a say bout ppl teef him pardna money move an gweh from yahso man. Dutty Rayon Stain weh rob an set up ppl fe dead uuno a come defen pon Met good good site Move an gweh fram here an go bade.

  3. So this one female is wifey, matey, side chick and money chick?
    Why she alone picture you send in #imeverywoman

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