14 thoughts on “DEN HOW IT REACH PAN FB?

  1. dwl at the spelling :ngakak :ngakak..

    2 questions
    when they call each other mom daughta son what dem mean cause they go hard with that daughter mother shit

    the one in the pink….a kenneth sumn dat? kenneth seems crazy about sumn wey look like the one inna di pink hair.

    1. Child, any man you “tek”, I don’t want. KMT, what would I want with a b@tty plunger or receiver? Make sure with all the so-called prettiness and takings, you are mindful of STD’s and wearing condoms… even for blow jobs. You don’t notice how your crawny kind dying off quick quick quick?

    2. Pretty where ? Ugly and smell like shit wata….wish you could be a babymother….just be a battyman and done….you ah nuh bloodclaat ooman….unnu an pretty cyaaaaaan inna di same sentence….tough and stink like

        1. Piss me the fvck off man! Dem love gwan like real women jealous of them….jealous ah wah!? Of the fact that your battyhole stretch out and haffi cork up? Jealous of anal leakage? Jealous of your hard rass man back? Jealous ah yuh musty bloodclaat balls and stick yuh a squeeze up unda yuh fi look more like me…a real bloodclaat ooman…a real bumboclaat mother…a real fvcking pretty, ambitious, progressive woman ….yes we bleed 7 days a month because our vagina & uterus that bring life clean itself out unlike your stretch out deep pit battyhole weh ah leak sh*t 365 days ah year…yuh probably hungry like dog and deh pan street ah night time ah sell you nasty ass hateful battyman you…respect bumboclaat ooman nasty…a woman bring yuh come and a woman is want you want to be….YUH FI PAY BUMBOCLAAT HOMAGE TO WOMEN :marah :marah :marah :marah :batabig :batabig :batabig :batabig

          1. Straight like that! Some of them just straight disrespectful and disgusting.

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