Hiya Met, one of your bloggers here and I do need some assistance from my fellow bloggers. I’m looking for a good friend of mines , his name is Courtney Brown aka “Gum” he’s from Four paths Clarendon. He’s of dark complexion slim built and back then he has dreads, he’s a great singer and a barber too. We met back in the nineties when I used to work for a family ( baby sitting) he lives across the street . I would love to get in contact with him , nice guy good friend he even came to Trelawny to see me after I left the job and went home , my family and him get along great. Please it’s not urgent but would love to at least say hi to him again or even see him. I’m living in the states don’t kno if he’s still in Jamaica or not.

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  1. There are two four paths in Clarendon, which one are you talking? There is four paths May Pen and four paths closer to Chapleton.

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