Pink hide me ID.. why Michka from cassava piece cah leff bugu man alone.. him nuh stop beat har, tear off all har wig.. kick har in a fence, stab har in a har foot, point gun pan har, diss har up in front har mada.. bruk in a har house.. why she nuh stop.. and Him nah lef Renee fi har.. stop it girl it nuh look good.. bad to bad pink.. even if u and u man a war.. or argue nuff man out a respect wouldn’t do it on the road him kill har wid lick pan the road .. Michka a real cassava piece man beaten stick.. and Renee a breed fi him. All last night she and Renee fight over him cuz him a defend the other girl.. me cah bada pink.. man clown still a make?? And nothing nuh do har she can get a man.. why dem gal ya Eva pick up cruff?? 

6 thoughts on “DEN IF DI MAN NAME BUGU MAN

  1. Bad to bad! Den if yuh pick up “Bugu”, weh yuh EXPECT?????????? “Bugu” nuh supmn yuh clean out and rid yuhself of, wid q-tip and tissue or paper towel, when yaw “baide” or EVERY SO OFTEN if yuh have ah cold or di flu, and den yuh thoroughly wash yuh hand and walk away from it????? Ah weh di bloodclaaw diiiiiiis????? Ah weh “Bugu” ah guh????? Dat neva piiiiickkkkk!!!!!

    Noooooooooooo! Dah man yah pon di radio inna di ppl dem house NEVA JUST SEH di singer ah di song “sound like him deh pon di toilet and CONSTIPATED!!!!!!!!!!” Den dis couple up wid “Bugu Man” and di beat’n and di “wedda”, nuh tuh much?????……Dis nuh over dose????? Smaddy call di ambulance!!!!! Di man seh (singing) “sitting here resting my bones….” BLOODCLAAT!!!!!!!!!! Inna di cold “wedda” yah!!!!! Inna di -18degrees yah!!!!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Senda leave gal whey love dem beaten alone. She probably tie him. The buddy probably nice har or dus di fact seh issa neda gal man probably excite har.

  3. Renee the time you n yuh affliates tek fi send this in , would have been better served tekking sleep mark death!How dare y’all glorify a man abusing ur fellow woman??How fcuking disgusting n lower than the pit of hell are u to be celebrating the litany of abuse dished out!!?

    One can only hope that none of the abuse don’t reach Renee pon the belly ,but if she can go fight ova koki with di belly ova an abusive animal shythouse of a man frame…it makes u wonder if 2019 really going to be the year when women learn self love n know Dem true worth!!Fighting ova a good man isn’t worth it but warring ova a wutliss abusive shell of a man only degrading unnoselves worse!

  4. One question sender if him a beat har so bad and they together what him ago do har if she left? Tell us the escape plan from this waste man

  5. Do you guys think that it’s so easy for A woman to leave an abusive relationship?

    Where she going to Stay after she leave?

    Yuh ago put her up?

    If A man have gun he could easily kill her family if she leaves?

    She need Fi kill the man , poison him, tie wire round him throat when him A sleep

  6. I don’t think is Renee send it in and the person doesn’t sound like they’re glorifying violence, just stating facts. they sound concerned. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one her friends or relatives who think the only way they might get her to clean up her folly ground, is to shame her. I’m not saying its right but it hard to see your family or friends going through domestic violence and not be able to intervene because you are scared that the man will also attack you, I hope she leaves before he damages her further..oh wait, dem seh a damaged women stay in abusive relationships, it’s not a one-sided thing the abused is also a vital player in such a relationship because someone has to really have low self-esteem or other issues to sit and let someone treat them like that. who knows, maybe the man a beat har because she wont leave him and his lover alone and if someone shows you that level of contempt and you still insists and follow them up, then what do you expect the person to do?

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