1. Met I am no one for you to listen. However, this man is in a lot of pain and karma a beat him bbbaaaddddd!!! I understand he must have done her a lot of wrong for her to share this video with you. He is in the pit of the valley right now and to see that You and her shaming him like this can lead the man to doing bad things to himself or her. I think that you should take it down. Think about it.

  2. Then why Kerry release the video? The man is in his comfort zone, discussing something very personal, with a supposedly trustworthy person then this happen. This just strengthen my resolve not to trust anyone.

  3. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Keron yuh wicked! Yuh nuh see issa spirit cause him fi dweet :ngakak A waah peepee up.

  4. Kerry Ann what a fuckery yuh turn out to be when this yute needed you the Most n trying to get right with God!!!

  5. This boy is da devil in the flesh,from him come a farrin him live a yard wid woman,all him pickney dem know har and a after she put him out when she realize him a wicked,him start talk bout God and change…a yrs now him a fuck pon Kerry and she know ,she just fool…Him still live inna har apartment in Jersey and still a fuck he she and da old lady

  6. No da bwoy a liad and a user him come a farrin come live with woman,him pickney did deh deh too and Kerry know.Him tell everybody Kerry a just him babymother smh,who really know him a laugh off a this bout spirit.Da woman weh him live wid run a so him end up a Kerry a cry a river.From him deh wid Kerry how much yrs him a fuck pon har all have 2 pickney out a road.She fool and desperate cause him now still live inna Kerry apartment a Jersey and still a fuck/suck he,she and the old lady in hopes of getting a green card….ole wicked

  7. Hahaha da same the boy a joker a take God for mockery.The “other girl” he’s talking about is the same girl him did live with,him used to play her with Kerry and how much other ppl.Kerry move go Jersey a pay rent for an apartment that ghost live inna lol,dem did tell her he wasn’t sleeping there and she turn a blind eye,like she always does.She only get him back after the girl put him out with him garbage bag a clothes and he’s still there in Jersey to this day being the same liar and user he is.

  8. They were both good to him but some men cannot tame,Kerry a him babymother and the other girl was with him for bout 4yrs.Him was going to church and talking bout him change,but now that him comfortable living with Kerry and realize she not putting him out like the other girl ,him gone right back to him old ways aye boy.He’s a narcissist.Don’t make those tears fool y’all

  9. Nuff a dem nuh man enuff to own them wrongs. At least him tek responsibility. But who’s to say him never dash out keron on the big bad web first ‍♀️

  10. Wooiiieee a who that Stinga lol…him a lyiad and tief ,everything him wear him tief dem but him tief nice cause him always dress good and up inna video and have one bag a woman

  11. Dirty Hutchie a same way yuh use to bawl to me when mi find out how much woman yuh did have wid me and when mi take yuh back yuh go right back to doing the same thing.Him used to talk a bay things bout da same Kerry deh and y dem nuh deh .Him faker than plastic

  12. No sah diss wah crowd! HUTCHIE STINGA stop fool people. Him did live with the girl before, and when she put him out, he stop up Steph baby fada apartment..him name Tano…one bagga dem pack up pon floor up deh & Hutchie own the couch. Kerry did get Wah work and so comes Hutchie and har find wah apartment ah jersey. But mi can tell uno…KARMA is real!!! Wah big dutty using family…walk & use people innocent pikney & think seh GOD ah sleep. One by one god ah deal wit dem

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