I wish I could save lives….The wife speak out and say Nickesha 2 months pregnant and she kick out Marvin and she never send no video she never even seen it. She say Marvin beat her and bust her face.


  1. Breed di dat deh batty bwoy?? Nikki is this is true what little you had going for you, gone to the vultures. smh. What a gyal dunce!!

  2. Nicky if its true, a now bad treatment a go strart when you caan dance fi mek money fi him. When hungry buss him shut him gwine beat out yu claat.
    Children are a blessings but Nicky I hope is not true for your sake

  3. There is no love between Nekeisha and Marvin. He is only using her to build his career by having her opened up on display for all to see. Just look at the videos, she’s is property being used to keep buddy off his name. She’s ok with him being gay, she now understands why Spice wanted to sleep with her. She’s has gotten to the point where she’s willing to do whatever it takes, especially so Renée and Sher can’t laugh at her, But it’s too late the entire dancehall soon laugh. He’s gay and its either she knows and their relationship is business or she’s just an illiterate fool.

  4. So does did confirm that shebada is gay? How can he pick p batty energy. mi remember how him class up di dancer girl and she come with receipts. a wonder if a lie shebada a chat fi get likes?

  5. Nikiesha is not pregnant.Look how sarcastic she is in her 2 posts about it on ig. Nikiesha is using Marvin just like how him a use she. This wife is trouble. Her self esteem low. She always a fight ova this waste man. I heard that Lisa can be very taunting.

  6. Everyone is saying Marvin’s career, I must live behind God’s back or in bubble F*ck because WHAT CAREER MARVIN HAVE? I would never pay my money to watch such Bafoonery or even share space with such an ignorant animalistic behavior. Bout CAREER, WHERE?

    1. I agree. I call him a professional party goer. At least Nicki can dance. She used to keep dance classes in Jamaica and overseas, she should resume doing that.

  7. Me nuh understand how people a say the woman wicked when a marvin release the woman picture, then unuh wouldn’t vex if a man release a picture like that of unuh. Unfair sah kmt. Another thing me believe a Marvin same one tell the girl say Nikiesha pregnant, probably just fi hurt her or something because Marvin really seem like the chatty chatty type. She probably did a breed fi true and dash whe that kmt. As much as she fool me nuh think she would a want nuh pikney right now and fi him muchless.

  8. LOL yu caan waan nuh more tea dan wey Shibby guh wi. Foota a battle law suit suh him a guh chill. Mi naah tell nuh lie, mi like when Foota talk up di tings.

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