Dirty kayann
The way you red eye Munus mi think u would of go Dominican Republic mek dem suck out the third breast u ah hide under yuh arm. Kayann tanzana class u say u dirty yuh house dirty and yuh can’t cook. Yuh beat yuh daughta tru she tell u the dinner was nasty. Kayann u soon 30 n no man naw claim u. Kayann u look dirty like a pig ur disgusting. Munus noh stop chat u say u red eye n everything she do u follow. Kayann stop run up tug pussy mileage n fix yuh hole.


14 thoughts on “HOW UNO KNOW IS SHE?

  1. She a soon what? 30!. Mi wonda more while if dem nuh si how going parties every night and bleaching their skins makes them look way older and tuff SAS Christ man smh.

  2. Tanzana cant talk bout nasty cause she never use to wash are underwear them ask joyce are mother, all of them chat them one another cause munus them use to chat how Netty brother use to beat are and how are house nasty.. Tanzana have to theif and mine Netty and the entire family and them still hate are before she ho mine are mother.. Munus did send come borrow apple swimsuit and apple walk and tell everybody.. The theif them hate them one another nothing new.

  3. That lipstick looks very pretty on her. Kayan, dont you worry yourself if man nah claim yuh. Claim those coins. Money up!

  4. I think it’s a dawg eat dawg worl dem live in. They don’t care who and when the talking is about they will talk about each other and still say they are friends Cause they live by this saying that is their friends should chat them. So what do u leave enemies to do Loool. (Stupid ass people). Is same way she did sit down and tell lulu baby fadda a lot of things when lulu did lef him fi poppy. She never fraid fi tell the man everything and she and lulu and munus was all over the place together as friends. And him never fraid fi talk back everything that she say. Heard he’s out so waiting for their mix up to Loool.

  5. Kayan Bruk ugly & hungry she Eva wah call man name say she an dem deh yet all a d name she call every single one a d man dem either deny deny deny!! Or say a Inna her mouth & dung her throat a d only place dem f**k her. A same way Dem ever run go a ja an munus did chat say Kayan come a ja with £130 £130!!! For 3weeks every dance an cook out she go u see d thirst not even a wata d gyal coulda buy. She never have no where to stay a pan Janice floor she did sleep Me shame better she did stay a England. Immigration have her pan pause so she can’t travel plus she a wait pan d money from her party next month so look out she soon reach a DR aswell cause she need a whole make over from head to toe. Anybody weh know a surgeon that can fix ugliness need fe mek she know dem gyal wah sort out man. Dem an d one uniform Gucci trainers belt an bag look every year a ja she start show red bottom now d gyal buy d cheapest one dem Inna d store an a act brand new bitch you’re basic as f**k. U need to buy some good curtain an tek down those old dirty one me hear say her yard look like a squatters pad an her hole miserable so it sticky pan u bad u can’t even use either fe hold a man.

  6. I can see that person don’t know kayann then cause kayann no call man name all the man a own some of unno unno still sad cause a bear wet up pussy unno a gi the man unno a claim when you talk bout bruk tek a look beside the man unno a claim when night cum kayann will never have a man if she of to go through the things unno go through fi keep a man me no wrong the gal fi run the tramp them kayann family them full a house a Jamaica so why would she sleep pon people floor? Unno come off a the gal man n stop hate

    1. You don’t make sense, Kayann Blake. Pussy is suppose to be wet when the sex is good and the woman is turned on. A man loves tight wet pussy. Never in my life have I heard a man loving dry pussy. Only loose pussy females will talk about giving their man dry front because they’re scared the man will get lost in their ocean.

  7. Ediot which man Kayan ever run u mean d man dem f**k her Inna her mouth an duck her. If she never a call d man dem name nobody wouldn’t know cause d man dem hide it. She can run nobody all her bf run and hide left her. Lol it’s her own friends chat it an it’s 100% facts d bitch did Bruk an did a kotch a Janice apartment there wasn’t enough room in dat 1 bed apartment d gyal tek d grung fe tru. If her hole no wet dat means it dry so maybe dats y no one nah stay dem. An you’re right dat ugly bitch will never have a man cause she no ave up d good qualities it takes to qualify to keep a man. U can see d post bout her ugliness a beat her bad. She post on ig say police nah look fe her for her looks bitch that’s because d zoo keepers are you favour animal dwrcl

  8. Kayan defender I thought u was gonna say she have a house a ja. Bout her family dem full a house pmsl so if dem rich like they say y none out of d crew don’t even have a shed down here then.

  9. Yuck look at the bitch skin. Stay bad kayan “ugly” you need to buy some looks and a good pussy, bad mine ago kill you kayan go bathe n tidy your dirty house. Maybe you will get a man ugly gal. Anyways there’re a ugly family Maureen. Shabba. Hopie a she stay bad claat house woman hand them big like some over elephant n scwees up a ugly to the family curse ! With them live bad self kmt.

  10. Kayan gweh nasty ugly gal. Wanna be hype hungry like dog. stay bad bitch go take care of the children dem n combe them hair. n bathe them they need tender loveing care worthless bitch. All u and your f**k out lesbian friends them think about is wearing fake clothe and think we dont know. Kayan ur very ugly.rotten ole gal kayan. You stay bad kayan Blake. Stop chat people weh looking better than u lot bitch.

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