1. But ah wah dis faddah? Fallen Angels, Combustable, drinking a vinegar, guns and police, duppy pincher, prescriptions, flush toilet, not nice personality but nice juju wish give good payment, cesstant and burger king straw? she deh wid sarjant, leptospirus..a wahn new disease dis girl create? a wandah weh di $300 did fah, but wait she nuh suppose to bruk caz she seh she do di tings dem and get paid.. dear God dis girl a hot hell of a mess but mi can’t lie mi laff suh till watah come a mi yei.. no sah woieee

      1. Tinan she seh CONbustable and she mention one gun wha mi Neva heard of , now every time me see a Burger King me a go memba har damn

        1. U rite lol..chile was thinking about di correct word combustible..she is summn else. Nevah hear bout dah gun deh eidah, den again mi is no expert all a dem a gun to me. Dis seal di deal wid mi and burger king caz mi did kindah write it off already.. :ngakak :ngakak

    1. Yawdy a wah you ah seh? :ngakak , u nuh hear di gurl seh altho she tuff and nuh hab a nice personality har juju wuk, altho it hab cesstant tendencies, ah help har out. She kill di angel aftah she drop and all kill harself innah di process wid dah gun wah she call out deh. Bwaay..dis gurl yah a sample to baxide. :ngakak

  2. “GYAL GO BORE UNNO TONGUE CAWS UNNO PUSSY AND MOUTH LOOSE!” Den mi shock when mi see de tonge ring…so mi start wonda if fe har mouth and pussy loose :nerd
    “Ignorance is a bliss.”
    MNL caws she tink she osund good wid har illiterate self. De $300 nuh mussi fe de talk up :siul

  3. She is literally calling down death on herself (her actual words)…..A mi alone nuh find it funny??? Kmt She need fi go read a nook and chill. Smh

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