I’m asking u to plz post these thieves for me they stole over $2000usd all my new clothes n sum shoes even jewelries from me this morning,so let ppl b aware of them,the butch was to b my bestfren n from they saw my money the butch start to act up n give me attitude,they sleeps in their car bcz they don’t have an apartment so I guess they can rent 1 now
Kadian Lewis
N the wife want to do surgery bcz her skin is falling off her bones so I guess she can do it now,trust no b*tch believe me bcz a same way so they could have killed me,they fled NYC n gone to Iowa now

7 thoughts on “DI GIRL NEED HAR 2G

  1. No man a wah cudda cause all a diss? Fun a joke aside, unno nuh realise di mount a story wey a come in bout fren a f**k fren. As mi juss sey pan di odda post, mi nuh know how much a it true, but my motto going forward is ‘trust no one’. Dem gi guh a katch a dem place, then make video a talk bout it. Dem gi yu money fi flip them loud yu up…Unno can tan right yah suh a Met University of Street Knowledge (USK) and learn bout people. Yu nuh haffi gone nuh odda University.

  2. While I regret sincerely anyone being robbed of their stuff. .I remain consistent that spelling errors tend to make a story less credible!!

    Sender what in the world yuh meant by “THE BUTCH WAS* TO BE MY BEST FRIEND”??OHHH n yuh basically saying from she see how u rolling in the box of money, she nay bother want be yuh bff again! !??…how sad smh…she even find a next bff n dem plan up n rob yuh goodie!!?what a extraordinary wicked set of sadamites dem be eehh!!

    Anyway what nuh cost life can be replaced, mi glad yuh ok n live fi tell us di tale.Good ppl please be on di lookout fi these lesbojezebels!!

  3. Yuh naaaa tell di full story…. you. Until yuh come wid 100% juice di tampico weh yah spill ova yah mi naaa drink dat.

  4. U too f**king lie and u fi stop it kadian u is a wicked and u end ago bitta why u send in the people dem pic and a call dem thief oh and i know the whole ting and have all the proof

  5. Dirty Kadian weh come a New York weh mi put up an feed mi tell you say nuh come fi mi dutty bang belly gal weh deh a cayman a sell illegal cash pot dutty gal weh nuh body nuh waan put up a New York neva all di other times you guh deh you burn all your bridges mi work hard fi my money and have mi own shit dis frog come a New you’re wid all dis money and nuh rent hotel people and mi deh a New York as a matter of fact did just go deh about 3 weeks before are and a stay wid mi Cuzin trying to decide if I wanted to move there! So she beg fi come and mi tell har she mi a stay wid mi cuz caan put har up and she say she will come and bounce it out mi mek dis dutty gal sleep inna mi car because mi caan just bring har inna mi cuz house and she come and wash har ass a day time she should a be a shame a har self fi have millions as she seh and willing fi duh dat! You should a feel privileged for me to put you up inna luxury mi Mercedes Benz and put you fi sleep pan leather wid you ole crusty self! Gal weh a bleach and it caan cum wid you brown face and black foot frog look pan you bad body gal and look pan me! Mi nuh like blotclaut rainbow clothes are old navy and mi nuh like ny& co a old white woman store move from ya so wid you sloppy self have on waist trainer gal and belly still bang gal!

  6. Dutty kadian u too lie n u fi stop it u a ova do now u send in the ppl dem pic and tell lies dem ago release di truth bout u

  7. Dutty stinking bitch old walking tiolet gal all a u dutty fren dem weh a run een n a cum defend u can bloodclaat stay n how tf u fi feed mi jankroo wen a only $27 bloodclaat u did have pan u card n a mi even buy u Popeyes n bcz mi nuh buy u hungry belly butch none she vex yes mi fat but mi nah live like dawg n memba say a over 240 pound u use to weigh n u caah go without make up r wig a bomboclaat but dat mi can do everyday,o Ky lies shall surely find u out caz from u collect mi $4983 onuh get red yeye onuh a bloodclaat wicked n all a onuh weh a run een fi onuh 6:o’clock a cum caz the same knife weh stick sheep stick goat

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