Tamara you shoulda did stay home you very ugly and hard to fix. Sharon you start surface back since harry Boogle left you. Neisha that wig make you look old and hard bad you don’t stop show the do breast. Tracey you couldn’t afford white so you repeat the long time dress that hair style don’t fit you it show up you big forehead. You return pon facebook yet what a wey the gyal dem run you off. hush things soon better

10 thoughts on “DI KLIK

  1. They still look better than the Philly top 10.
    Sender next time please do a right to left or vesce versa. Remember some of us is not staple in dancehall and may be clueless to who these people are…I recognize Niesha who will by the way age gracefully. She’s not pretty but something about her is captivating. I know her husband sees it as well.

  2. Tamara really stay bad she a fret pon Nico. Sharon look like one handicap dolly. Neisha you look so old its cause of the crying you doing over Posh posh. Tracey and her repeat dress never know hot gyal like you coulda repeat. Paul did look nice and clean pon the boat

  3. Michelle shame like the saggy dog she favor. She go Kymaly party and Sandy was their with the big Richie pon her chest and Sandy never did hide it Michelle stay one side with the rest of the clowns and look. Sandy tek over your man old gyal

  4. Sender clothes suppose to repeat, go suck out the gal dem batty. Paul still nuh want anonymous @1:25. Get a life. Run Tracey off a fb? U people a really some clown and a bag a waste and have nothing to talk about.

  5. Tracey say clothes fi repeat and is Paul but her dress. That’s all you can do say what Paul buy you what you buy yourself nastiness. And yes we watch Paul cause his lips sexy and feel good on the clit.

  6. Tracey gyal like u can’t hype pon nobody cause you dutty freaky Tracey hey gyal same way Paul did chat the gyal them with you him chat you wid them too soo go sit down.

  7. these girls worthless every one of them 1.Sharon use to walk and war over black ugly harry 2.Tamara use to war over Nico one Monday night some gyal give her a good beating for him 3. posh posh ugly gyal stalk him phone and call everybody out dey when she ready your bun will never every stop 4. dutty suck hood tracey walk and stalk Paul and only talk about her ass

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