1. Tina you’re so annoying Hot gal inna red bottoms need fi guh a PRIVATE DOCTOR not Jacobi Clinic! gweh nuh .. she’s so irritating.

    1. lol wicked your comment funny bad, she is so irritating fi real she go doctor fi know her status and a look man… i am deading..

  2. Hiv ain’t scary no more people for years with treatment. What they need to fear is the big C cancer with all the shyt the inject in they ass

    1. RIGHT? .. everybody know is up a ADULT CLINIC she deh weh u barely need insurance fi guh deh ! Tina why are u so nuff!!!!!! Is pare old people always up there and she acting like she went to OBGYN no bitch! thats ADULT MEDICINE and while you’re in the waiting area they walk around and ask if you want to take the HIV test while u wait! TINA u need more people these are facts.

      1. :ngacir2 :ngacir2 Wicked yuh comment dem a shot.. In my best Bounty voice..Peeooopple dead, run for cover save yuh momma

  3. @DiamondGIrl Mrs Susan Diamond, Gal like you no fi have no fear when it comes to test. Just like how you excited fi run di 3some and more you fi get excited fi run go do di test. Gal like unuh meck mi shame fi seh mi a Jamaican. Unuh come yah and teck up dis nasty lifestyle and wah normal ppl fi accept it. Unuh mouth and hole a rotten out cause unuh no set boundaries. Sodom and Gomarrah. I hope this curse no follow uuh offspring cause di world already ah come to a end soon. If unuh neva use up unuh Hole soo much uuh wouldn’t have to run gone to woman. Tyesh, Chrissy, FretDeM, Bajan Sweets,Kaka, Tianna, Qiwana, Renee, Munchie, Shauna loving life, . Unuh teck soo much man till unuh get bored now a woman unuh love. Stop trick di man dem wen unuh know is woman unuh wah..

  4. Why she a loud up di man ting so. Tje doctor did ask for any freen advertising or free reviews. Kmt. Dem nuff sah. Gosh. Tina u need to bring yuh fren dem go down there too fi get tested.

  5. So Tina you follow one of the patients And decided fi tek dem free test ? Lmaooooooo …hey I can’t believe seh a born Tina born cause the things she do to get by in life is just disturbing ….like which aid really sleeps with the patients they are hired to take care of just for money ……TINA

  6. WOW did somebody post HIV aint scary again cancer worse..WTF hey are both bad and serious illnesses.. HIV is preventable and some forms of cancer are not. Jesus Chrise.. People can dumb so

  7. Why the F**k this muffing foot bitch a call out the man name pon ig so….watch a my DR that too and me ago mek him know these dum uneducated groupie…….some ppl just dum, like B what is that to prove take the **king test and go a you yard no man…all a call up the dr f**king name….

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