Javier Soutar This is wrong in so many ways I don’t even know where to begin.
Keep your visa, give it to people who share your ungodly values. Please do no continue to fly that symbol of destruction over my nations soil.
Under law it is “American Soil”, but you should learn to respect other people’s values and morals.
“Not everything that is for Ceasar is for you”.
I’m really offended by this disgusting display of disrespect to my country.

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In this time of national mourning, our hearts are lightened by the amazing expressions of sympathy and solidarity from across Jamaica. During this sad time, we will be flying our flag at half-mast in memorial of the 49 American citizens who were murdered in cold blood and the dozens more injured as well as flying the rainbow flag in solidarity with the victims who were targeted for being members of the LGBT community. We will collecting condolences during this period of mourning on this Facebook post. Again, thank you to all Jamaicans, east to west and from all spheres of society, religions, and politics.


  1. So I don’t get y are they pushing to be look like those people where just killed for being gay. The last news update I heard survivers stating this man was doing for Isis and the war in Afghanistan. Or where ever that Us government killed thousands of people. He also state that he was sorry if he hurt any black persons cause they have surfer enough themselves. So it had nothing to do with the gay nation but good going America, your good at brain washing n findin ways of pushing your way on other nation

        1. The gay agenda is incredible …Most a dem a liars so while I say mi condolences mi nuh really waa hear from dem

  2. Statement is a lie! He was gay himself and would go to the same club for years! 90% of the people he killed were minorities Hispanic or black. Either way if the people want to fly their flag at their embassy it’s their business. Crime, murder and abuse go on daily in Jamaica and that is of no concern but that flag is. That is Jamaica problem always being concerned with what don’t concern them

    1. Dem could of keep dem rainbow flag indoors. The american flag at half staff wasn’t good enough? So the dead were americans and something else special…kmt guess god will sort them in the same manner.

      diana king why you over here? :travel :ngakak

  3. So many shootings/terrorist attacks happened in America over the last few years, especially in schools and I don’t recall them flying the flags of the schools at half mast, but they jump on this tragedy to use it as an opportunity to fly them rainbow/LGBT flag! The problem with America is that they don’t respect other people/nation sovereignty, but every nation is to respect theirs or else they force it on you. Of course they are trying to use this tragedy to push their homosexual agenda. I personally don’t care how one chooses to live his/her life, the only problem I have with their lifestyle is that they are being allowed to adopt and raise kids and that is not right.
    I regret the loss of lives, but i’m also relieved that is not a black man who carried out the attack.

  4. I’m Jamaica and I think its disrespectful to our country and our culture is not like gay legal in Ja for them to be hanging that flag so high keep it inside.

    I don’t care what anybody want to say it fi come the f**k down.

  5. Was that flag at every f**ng embassy or only Jamaica because somebody pushing them personal agenda. Was it also at the White House all the F**RY by state capitols?? America can’t even get that shit done in most of their own bloodclaat states. So why do it in JA. F**g bully tactic. And I don’t have an issue with the gay population. But respect due.

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