Macka mi nuh know if mi like di natural hair pan u without it being moisturized but maybe it a show up more dan whey fi show up ( the head size)

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.27.53 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.28.40 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.29.02 AM

18 thoughts on “MACKA NOT ANEDDA POUND

    1. WHere you been Mumz? har weight-lost a show up har piano keys dem. She is good looking in her natural state I guess.

  1. The new hair style mek the age start show in her face tho , has she lost weight ? not bad looking fi a big woman.

  2. Dat hairstyle doah, it look kinda butch. But I am happy she being health conscious and going the natural route.

  3. These ‘dry head’ is starting to eeerk me.

    Natural hair doesn’t mean uncombed, dry and full a towel and blanket fuzz. Natural hair is to be washed, oiled and combed daily. If you drive, lay down or rest your head make it your duty to fluff the hair back. Get a spray bottle and keep the fro moist. Nuff a onu “natural” hair is unhealthy and not to exclude the sour, dusty ones too- how the hell grown women de road with dutty hair?

    Black hair is beautiful when maintained.

    P.S. Macka that dye headside is a hell NO!!!!

    1. den nuh dry it dry same way pp n cake up..we need fi use things whey will bring out our curls…moisture is good for our hair

      1. lolol…..nothing like water and vaseline (that sucker will curl and soften the hair) if the hair short. Medium and long lengths should use conditioner water from a spray bottle. Wash, plait or twist and tuck in the hair, oil palms and run it down the plait/twist. nothing like a souls comb in the purse for that added fluff.

  4. My bad…I thought the caption abt pound was in reference to the pounds of cake-up make-up Macka plater on. That make-up is fighting for losing battle!

  5. It looks good, embrace your natural self. It looks way better than the wigs she wore before. And to the wig wearing monkeys who a diss the girl, get a wig to cover your face. big up black woman who know themselves.

  6. I knew someone would make it about race and natural and weave and all sorts of shit. Just like how u have tacky ass weaves and poorly groomed relaxed and straight hair, same way so natural hair can look godawful if not properly maintained. That Catta pon macka head nuh see a brush or a dollop a oil in over a month. African hair should be kept moisturized because unlike other hair type it doesnt produce it’s own oil. Also, natural hair is more susceptible to breakage because of the coils and the lack of moisture. Macka, first off moisturize your hair every night and put it in a protective style, whether u want to twist it, plait it or put it in one and cover with a silk or satin scarf/bonnet (cotton dries out your hair so you can buy some silk pillowcases too). When u wake up mist your hair with water mixed with conditioner or a leave in serum or an oil like olive, jojoba, grapeseed or castor oil. use ur fingers to pull it apart and give it some volume and u good to go. Natural does not mean dry and fava rat nest. A ppl like she make natural hair look bad cause I am natural with 4c hair (no mix up, straight black) and I use products in my hair to define my natural curls and any day name day mi see mi hair look like this natty mi a go straight back to the salon go drop some super strength lye relaxer in deh.

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