1. scaminaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hands down on this one ere outfit n scenery nice but get rid a dah big wharf dawg deh inna pic #1

    1. @Anon 1:02 yuh tek di words dem outta mi fingers. What a gal ulgy suh. It nuh matter whey shi duh or wear dat ugly just stan up inna her face like starch inna clothes. And she love class up people. Man good even doah mi granny use to sey every hoe have dem stick a bush.

  2. naah lie, yak yak u white an silver dress sell off pon u body.

    from head to toe u luk good in that pic. di nex oyfit now……. wasn’t well thought out, it looks gimicky

      1. noooooo zerva, masquerade different from mascot, dont get it confused lol.

        dat bottom luk is definitely mascot and far from masquerade

  3. Howdy met . I give her credit when credit due she look beautiful & done a great job with the decor & part theme :beer: :newyear :thumbup :2thumbup

  4. I loooveee the white and silver dress, hands down it looks good, not feeling the second outfit it looks a little haute coutoure and scamini too big in body for it otherwise soldddddddd

  5. Scami yuh dress tun right up.. fit you niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!! hairstyle go and bare tings.. Now as for the other outfit…. hmmmmmmmmm don’t make it! But the silver and white dress baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

      1. :kr Ooh, we called it off again last night But ooh, this time I’m telling you, I’m telling you
        We are never ever ever getting back together, We are never ever ever getting back together…….(Taylor Swift)

  6. Yakini, beg yuh da silver n’ white dress deh nuh?! You look absolutely stunning from head to toe!!!!!!! :pertamax :rate

    1. Mind you end up wid those black spots she have pon har leg dem…eww What wonders a piece of fabric can do.

  7. Best look for the night goes to….(DRUM ROLL) #YAKINI :2thumbup :2thumbup

    I must admit SCAMINA looks damn good in her gown.

    Now as far as her other attire what the f**k was that? SCAMINA you should of kept on your beautiful gown all night. That shirt suit was the worst out fit of the night. You went from Cinderella to the help. :batabig :hoax2

  8. Bloodclaat…..Dionne look like a big ram goat. An have di nerve fi cuss ppl. She stay bad een man. Look pan di mout too….Shorty…..no words. None. Yakini….yuh look good gyal. Mi naw lie. From mi see di pic last night……Mi say 100% yuh get. Di rest a unu…..bwah ha haaaaa

  9. Yuh know from when shorty have dot lil dutty dress. Shorty yuh look tired that lil map pan yuh stink head need fi dash wey. You a f**k all different dog and yuh still naked. :2thumbup :2thumbup

  10. dionne yuh shoes a beat me bad a swear ….not even church yowwwww :nerd

    scammina no lies round her yah shat a doah knw why yuh nuh luk into being a party planner yuh decor dem always on point even yuh dressing more time way off dat sliver nd white dress mus mek dawg re-leash mumz :ngakak

  11. decorationand first dress look real nice but Yak Yak ya shoulda never put on the Mary Poppins outfit wid the kiss di rocker boot….don’t like it but ya party look mad still

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