Morning pinkwall me want fi know if Garfield Taylor is still a police and a weh him find time to serve and protect. Me sure know say fi a fact a can’t me alone share the same sentiments. What a man disgusting and love social media!! Omg! This big muscle pig can’t find something better to do with his time? Nothin is wrong with showing ur family love but to me it gets deeper than that.. he actually lives for instagram! The man is so sensitive he blocked me because I liked someone comment that said he “posts too much” and I never even followed him to begin with. He just always pops up on my news feed. Even the poor baby they exploiting for likes. Saying let’s get jordy page to 10k. We need to start a petition to have him removed as deputy superintendent of police because he does not worth one heck. All he does is party and consume his life around social media.


  1. Here’s a suggestion,why don’t they ship him out to Constabulary Communication Network (CCN) n mek better use of his talents since communicating a fi him lines!I can’t see anyone complaining about him over sharing then cuz we can’t get too much info based on how Jamaica a run red ya now.

  2. All the wife get caught up as well! But mek dem gwaan that baby hair gonna change! No me nuh” badmind” bout baby have page! IG is a damn contagious disease!

    1. After the baby reach 6 months the hair don’t really change after that n she’s all of 1 plus she’s a cute kid hair or no hair

  3. I would block u too!!! It’s clear that u don’t like this man and you take pleasure in criticizing what he chooses to do on social media. Why are u even mad, that he blocked u and you don’t follow him on SM? The same right you believe you have to be critical of his posts, is the same amount he has to BLOCK you.

  4. It is amazing how you mek a nobody/strange raise your blood pressure. My Gosh. Shet yuh yeye. Can feel you blood a boil from over here.

  5. Yes I agree why they looking like for that child they nufffffff for no reason and serve no purpose lacie is a lawyer and she promotes her child and herself image more then what her career is about she looks beat out and tired too… bucka is a ugly big head freak and that poor child is all over social media and she’s not a model … so what purpose do they serve again ?! He look big and stink like his mouth is a dirty pit whole the way he looks is creepy and they look chap too both of them want to belong but I don’t know where they both including their daughter belong .., he need to be reported for his non sense it’s too much and no one is hating because unnu have no money and unnuh owe bank a lot of money unnu. Look tired and stale bad

  6. Coco brown/lacie go and watch your ugly ass big sour husband because he’s cheating on your tired looking f**k out by the dancehall industry ass.. you and him are being laughed at daily unnuh ah look like fi unnuh daughter unnuh annoying a stink looking bad!!! Unnuh post pic every minute then ppl nuh must tired of unnuh in the same old clothes and tired hair styles my god unnuh put unnuh business out there for ppl to criticize and vex when ppl comment their opinions unnuh stink like

  7. Sender I do not have IG or Twitter but based on what I see posted here, he has gotten on my last nerve as well. I cannot and will not understand why the baby has a page and needs to get to 10,000 followers. Social Media is the new killer drug, if not managed appropriately. These are the same type of people who will complain that they have’haters’ and people ‘bad mine’ dem. The consequence of sharing anything online is that it can be met with hate and disapproval not matter the content or the intent.

  8. Yes , cause him saw us looking at him and wither or not him block her ,we see him all the time, we not lying on him , and him still with the little girl plus others , and it doesnt matter who him block , he is cheating on his wife . And dont matter how many times him post him wife or try to shade ppl , I know the girl he was there with , him love the little young galthem, him act like him and them a just friends , but him wife need to pay close attention, else she ago shame .

      1. A lie?? Really??? A suh him have har unda manners. A dat him tell yuh when yuh mention his wife during your dates out in public? Dats Why uno brave enough to go out where everyone can see?? Just asking…. because you sound quite confident in your response. Smh

      2. Lemme tell u this he has a lot to lose! ALOT! Don’t mek BUCKA fool you! Lecia is not a dependent stay at home wife!!! Do the maths!

  9. All I know is that the wife a=has no bond with the baby. She looks stressed and depressed and acts like she is not too fond of the child, like she only had it to please the husband.

  10. The wife hair looks frownsy, mi know that hair must stink to BBC this heat is no joke and that mop on her head is no joke.

    Next thing what a gyal fi wear imitation bridgets and wholesale 2,fi one sandals. Tappppp it

    1. Meee seh! As meee seh!? Di baby hair aguh change! Cuz a it mek dem a tek teck pics a di lil pickney! I’ve seen nicer babies weh” mix” as in parents mix? And that sweet lill baby nuh grow cute! Dem a compete wid Nicole her LC :ngakak a tru r head must frownzy fi tru!

  11. True things spoken saw bucka in new kingston in the flip flop slippaz him love beat with his crawny toes. Clothes look cheap body nuh stay good is a soft and fat body he has. Saw the wife in liguanea she look pon down in some cheap barrel bottom haitian looking clothes. The hair she have inna her head not even putin good unuh look pan e front. Bucka need to leggo the jcf and what unuh mek of how him start car mart jzt auto

  12. I dont care what anyone said, am gonna start taking their pictures and send them to MET or whoever, cause when ppl talk about their infidelity, them act like people a lie , the wives know alot of times, and act like it’s all good, but more ppl need to send in the pictures , and shame some a you .

    1. Apparently you have a lot of time on your hand to monitor an individual you don’t know personally and send screenshots of the social media posting and sent it to Pinkwall. You need to get a job and move from being a loser to someone productive. How many kids do you have for different men? YOU ARE A LOSER….Get a life!!!

      1. When a woman has kids for different men it means she is wanted. Some people like you better hope and pray that the man don’t leave because no other man would want them.

      2. But why it a badda u so? A long time dem fi start expose unnu ol joncrow. Have di ooman out here looking like a raas eediat.

  13. That’s what he does, hide his doings behind the social media hype, and because him par with a whole lot of females , his wife wouldn’t suspect, him send daily delivery of lunch and all these things to the little gal , alot of times he is not at work, and the girl/ girls ( according to a source at his job) go to his work place , I saw him with her in his uniform, and him cant say a lie , but if him keep it up ,I shall buss him rassclaat with some pictures on pinkwall here , it’s just because I like the wife , alot of these men are cheaters , trust me , sometimes I just SMH when I see the wife a brag about them on social media.

  14. Wtf is wrong with you folks. I love MET and here for the comments. But this story is not new and the comments just seem forced and malicious. If we were talking bout somebody whe we know keep up almhouse then yea mi get it, but dis yute as annoying as his page is is just doing his own thing, why does it bother unoo to the point where di pickney head soon change, the wife here frownzy etc
    … nuttin nah gwan inna unno life? When the comments are just so malicious its just sad pon unoo really.

    1. They would be forced if I was telling people to make them and the baby off limits n should be but the same thing come to mi mind bout her hair……..with everyone with a bag a hair ina di heat..it do smell cause mine used to smell no matter what so mi think the same thing bout di hair

      1. Lemme tell u this he has a lot to lose! ALOT! Don’t mek BUCKA fool you! Lecia is not a dependent stay at home wife!!! Do the maths!

      2. Same suh auntaay no prejudice nuh INA ur DNA! From we experience smelly hair we aguh kno a smelly hair wen we see one! The baby hair changing is facts I’ve seen those types of hair all my life and parents shock wen it change! But y shock and both parents not coolie?! Dwrcl!!!! In my eyes dem a get likes by posting the child pics on IG just because a di “HAIR”

        1. Me too a wonder which throw-back gene give the baby “pretty” hair. Since mi dont see it pon none of the parents

      3. Arite…..lol… Im out. Me really nuh know bout hair so mi will take unno word for it. The hair smelly

  15. Wow!! Sender this is not lacie or whatever her name is, but if you like the wife, why disgrace her like this on a public forum. Do you know how hurtful it is when you find out your man is cheating?? Where is your man sender?? Yes as an officer of the law he is really too much on social media. We don’t have to go this far with it. Remember there is a child involved. We Jamaican females sometimes don’t like to see other females married and happy or even fake happy. That’s what marriages are about. They are gonna have issues, cheating, financial, medical, all sorts of issues how they work it out is there problem. MI hate si him and the big head pickney more time. But if him like it, then I love it.

  16. I think the ultimate level of disrespect is when careless people try tell who the father of a woman’s child is! Unu stop it unu too out of order! How the hell unu c the baby hair and claim is another mans child!

    It only shows unu not faaas enough because Allison is closer to Garfield thAn his wife is! Another thing unu nuh c how the child fava big face bucka? Not because a child has ‘good’ hair means she doesn’t belong to her father. Go learn genetics and the mumma have quality hair but because is not mixed parents it mean she a jacket! U sick mi!


  17. Sender, you a talk bout you liked a comment someone made about hm and he blocked you, check this, I used to follow him, but the incessant posting got to me and I did the honourable thing and unfollowed him, you know he blocked me? dwl.

  18. Bucka block mi over a year now because I stopped following him he talked too much and too show off… as mi stopfollow him him wife block me too… me just smh… he does ntn but party

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