Met ,
A Ishawana give Malik the (Edited) , so Ishawna what if Tifa tek wet Malik from u , remember you use to tek Chocolate Tifa man a Jamaica . Den Ishawna you neva know u best friend mystery lady tek Malik too, we have the text messages dem fi show . Plus a Maxine tell Tifa and Batman the tings dem fi tell you . Ishawna Malik meet I as a black man and him left you as a chiney man . Mystery lady a full time now you get a place fi you own .
Ishawna Tifa sey the other day when you and her meet up a the (Edited) clinic why you never sey anything to her . Mystery lady Maxine sey you(Edited) advance because by you stink up him place and I inna denial .

Met the picture a Malik inna the green when him meet Ishawna and look how him look after him f((k Ishawna and contract (Edited) . Met the gal them on Ishawna live expose Malik . Met tell the undercover battymam inna the Bronx that use to f**k Ishawna say that she bore the condom dem , so plenty of them get infected . So Isahwana kill people physically and s**ually.


    1. Seems is the GAY dem names, I had to read good cuz I really thought it was the entertainers at first.

  1. Mi nuh bizniz inna fish biz, the whole dem need foil paper and fire. But wah mek the last one fava Jodi Couture so? Bloodcleet unnu talk truth.

  2. So very confused. Y when some u all send in these stories u don’t read it f*ck back man?!!!

    1. They write exactly as they speak…Long run on sentences with no air. This sender is a scholar in comparison to the rest. :nohope:

      1. Shewhoo?! Nuh waday shenesea come bout? DAT means everyday a new battyman come out den! Cuz is must s new battyman teef shensea name!

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