La full of bare snakes

This Cheryl weh dem hate:why one evil person send social worker at the lady yard,that’s very low.how can a woman that have kids want to see another woman go through this.prayers for some people I swear god over evil landlord dem cannot stop you cause your heart clean

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  1. (Suss aside)

    It’s only logical that if a woman have children and treat them well…she will see it as her DUTTY to call social worker pon who nah treat fi dem own well. If a simple malice then sender have a reason fi gripe…other than that… it is what it is.

  2. Met mi soon come give you the,drama at work,cah stand bad mind people! One thing I know bout Shirley she treat her kids dem,very good,& give them the best of everything. This is just pure evil!

  3. I second that…Cheryl give her kids everything decorate there room nice and all that.Cheryl was not abusing her kidsI can bet dutty Sophia behind it because she and her sister Tyeshadid some shit like that to keisha 81(Riley babymada)..send social worker to the woman house lucky thing the uncle had passed by.Ladies that is a real low blow to try and have the woman kids taken away and I know who call them is not half a good mother as Cheryl(dutty twin dem suspect to) Cheryl tek wey yuh self from the badmine bitches ans stop with the careless behaviour you see what reach you now

  4. The big mix with Sheryl,milkshake aka cirgil shake,the f**k out twin sadamite mellisa,& Maxine wha de monkey deh Pon are back! Met it all begin when,them did a use shreyl address to sent them kids to school,when the mix up start, Sheryl make the kids them get,kick out of the school,this was the best way for them to get back @sheryl aka landlord fi done pussy ave! The tentant them a duh the landlord bad! Milkshake sey shi nah stop till dem deport shreyl!

  5. A Nuff a dem a left them Pickney in a house an ago a dance a night time a that fe happen to them . A so them did do Tina jet set gone a dance left ar Pickney them in a the house an the police go they go fine coke good fe them some a them have handicP wey them say a sleep walk out a them house when them they a dance a thAt fe happen to them .

    1. sheryl kids dem a big pickney. these kids are not babies,for any to call child service,on her! mi an big foot twist up body sheryl,a nuh fren but this wrong,of milkshake,the twin & maxine. all dem duh a sit dung an a plan fi mash up sheryl,life but when dem a dig pit dem fi dig all ten fi dem an dem family!

  6. Be careful of milkshake she want everybody fi go back a yard look what she do to her man and don’t even mention junior

    1. milkshake is a wicked conveying,manipulating,trifling,backstabing bitch!! SHERYL NEED TO BECARFUL DEM A PLAN FI SEN POLICE GUH A SHERYL YARD,AN MILKSHAKE IS THE MASTER MIND BEHIND ALL THIS!

  7. Hi Sheryl! Bwoy oh bwoh. Karma is a bitch eeh? Membah seh yuh cuss off de yankee hairdresser bwoy caus him wuddnt giv u bob donna address? All offer fi pay him fi de info. A weh yuh did wah sen again sheryl? Ohhh yess immigration n child services… But yuh cuddnt get de gal address. Yuh seh yuh want donna fi get dip n guha jamaica guh suffah suh yuh can pay crackhead fi guh lick off har head dung deh. Yuh wah de woman fi dead leff har pikny dem. Who a wicked like u? Talk de truth weh God lov. Sheryl yuh meddl inna suh much ppl life n play innocent n now smaddy f**k u up yuh wah call suh much ppl name. Nuh baddy nuh memba yuh sheryl

      1. Yes it of to be facts, @phoenix because it was all of them,fr done pussy ave did a plan fi Donna! This is facts is not Sheryl want to get read of Donna,is Shelly cah bob not leaving Donna! All the obeha Shelly a work BOB & DONNA not leaving! So when de ole a uno a run come talk bout how much people life Sheryl mash up,what about uno? Milkshake mash up are mother life,are sister life,are. Best friend life,Desmond life,and the list goes on!! Milkshake & Sheryl is the same thing that’s why they don’t like each other!!

  8. Bwoy o Bwoy mi think the gal dem a hellay need help mi nah lie dem live like dog to bloodclut:…to want someone kid to go inna the system that’s f**k up..good pu**y ave mash up longtime cuz nobody pu**y never good pon the ave the landlord mine man,milkshake fix up fi her hole so that cannot good,shana always have std,Melissa f**k bare woman and Maxine a walk with the killer.nothing good pon that ave mi here


  10. What ah piece a mixup this!!! Friends be come enemies lord mi weak Sophia is a wicked little bitch if she really send social worker a the big foot gal yard never you bring kids into your war that’s not right.i know it’s not the twin dem send social worker it have to be Maxine or Sophia dem to deh life miserable right now

  11. Omg LA again dem boring like;(mi tied fi hear bout milkshake this old 50 add year old woman weh want inna lead with the twin dem she cannot keep up with them cause a st88 cocky to dem them nah rub no pussy with no gal you MADD go sit dung milkshake the twin dem nuh want no suck from you lesbo gal big up shanaa and Shelly natural pretty shape good gal dem

  12. From reading these comments Milkshake look like she give a lot of u headaches…or its de same set of ppl kp changin ur name. Caus one old woman a reek suh much havoc? O my o my. Its too obvious…im reading between the lines here…something fishy…

  13. Milkshake a evil she will do things like this and the f**kout twin dem a poilce peggy shelly walk and f**k pon bob now she ave a new man cocky a suck off shelly lef har pickney dem sameway and travel from casion to casion across la dem is no goodas dem dont shape good cos shelly wlk and fling har foot dem is some bad breed dem is a mistake the ole a dem pon f**kout avenue sheryl the landlord milkshake ur fren fi years ur fren milshake weh mi hear a big up har COUSIN richie pon har dance tape the same tape she cutt out har tennant dem out a from d f**kout avenue milkshake a the same richie dat bcomes ur MAN yuh nuh c something wrong with u stop sending d LAW to ppl ouse and think u live in a GLASSHOUSE sheryl sen dem bk pon dem nastiness but member dem a police peggy and member ur breaddddddddd shelly ave 4 man and shawna ave 4 man a Wonder If the great suchman come Outa jail shawna hole put a spell pon him and Him Baby Madda but freedom is a must shawna yuh hole curse

  14. Milkshake I heard from a family member that Richie is doing a big time that’s so wicked of you mi nah lie mi feel it fi him I wonder why the mother nuh chat to you again god don’t like ugly .you gonna suffer and dead bad junior eye water soon reach you not even go look fi him from him sick…please go to church and beg god for all your sins trust me a real talk that..you a mash up people life and gwAn like you innocent wicked that’s why your mother nuh like you cause you mek her first born go loose him life change your way before it’s to late

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