Dear Met,

I can’t help but notice that YOU more than any blogger out there have been positively using your forum to denounce/bun out scamming in its various forms.Well since my mom got scammed the other Day I’ve given it some thoughts and I too wanna join the cause to educate,inform ppl abt the various Scams and scammers.The truth is there is a misconception that greed is the reason ppl get scammed but I’m here to say there are other reasons that I know of becuz I was scammed not once,not twice but THREE times!!!

The 1st time I got scammed was on a website JAMDEAL where this “overseas”dude was selling a blackberry Porsche cellphone.Met from u hear Porsche u know mi skin ketch a fire.He was a relentless salesman and convince me to take out a LOAN to be able to pay the $25000-28000 for the phone+charges.I was in a meeting when he called and inadvertently I hit speakerbutton so here he is all professionally ‎and everyone was looking at me like u not gonna close the deal.

Met from the get go ur ego can mek u get scammed cuz sametime me a play bigshot and was like “Sir I will western union u the money when I leave the meeting plz fax me the fed ex tracking since uve shipped the item”All the documents I recieve were false when I went to fed ex these Scammers were using their letterheads everything but it wasn’t from them,i was out 28k!‎Hence be careful of how u use ur credit card online and how u interact on these online shopping sites becuz there are many Scammers on there.Jamdeal had a 100% positive feedback for the scammer even after I email them abt my experience!!

The next time I got scammed I was at Tropical plaza parking lot in Half way tree with the Aunties.This young lady came up to the ‎car and she had like one of those basket thingy that them did put baby Moses inna and ship him off dung river Nile a Egypt.Curiously though no baby was in it and she sey a becuz the sun too hot she lef her son and a walk a beg money to buy food and pampers. She went to great lengths to explain the need to have the baby basket or else ppl wouldn’t believe she have Baby!!After all that me and aunties assess the situation and pool up and give her a nice lil chump enuh Met.

Well bout 20mins or so run off and the aunties sey Payless shoes a have sale them a go check it out and mi mind sey go with them go bargain out too. Lo n behold who u think we buck up with TWO pairs a high fashion Slippers at the Cashier???Her back did turn but when me Draw closer me hear she a tell the Cashier “Fi keep the Change toodles(she did some flickering of her fingers when she sey toodles smh)”


Now Met imagine this girl use wi good good hard earn Dollars gone buy not baby shoes but American Eagle $4000+ slippers) The audacity fi a use MY money and a give b#$7bcla*#ttip bout keep the change??arrrggggghhhh! Aunties them pull me back and sey lef her is we wrong fi having a soft heart and nuh know that some ppl will abuse it!!‎If I ever hear that word “toodles” again it a go set me off to a very cross and Dark place!The 3rd and last time me and mi boss a buy some patties from a place across USA’s embassy inna liguanea.This guy with a 5gallon jug link we inna the car park.

The man sey him come from westmorland country fi sort out him visa and the gas gauge thing pon him car nah work so him end up run out a gas ‎and nuh realize.He pointed at his car and pleaded with us for Donations cuz he needed to get home before Dark.My boss is the kindest yet shrewded person on earth so he coldly responded no and walked away all the time shaking his head.Met mi seh the man yeye them get full a water and instantly mi vex with mi boss and a hush the big man.I gave him a $1000 and he hastily made his way across the road to the Rubis gas station.Next thing I know this bredda sey “excuse me sir,i need to get in my car!”

I was like..”ur car???” sametime the man go so “plup plup” wid the alarm button and shake him head and step pass me and go Inna him car and Drive whey,Mi seh Met the grung jus shoulda open up and swallow me!Mi brain chip een then mi anger chip een and me took off across the Road likkle most IRONICALLY the same car Dude hit me Dung,him tell me two choice words and fan me off but obviously I had bigger fish to fry so mi nuh tek him on!The scammer tek shortcut thru the gas station and a mek good his escape but u see when a man determine him no need red bull fi get wings to ketch u up!‎After collaring him and tekking back mi money and calming down I reflected on it all and Met yuh know mi end up give him a $50 on account of his creativity! I returned to see my Boss a dwl @ me and yuh know is like after the 3rd day of me malicing him that he ask a what and mi tell him mi vex that him cite the rake and never say shyt to me!

Hence that’s 3 scams to look out for ppl and always be on ur guard when ppl come to u with hard luck stories.Do not let your compassion (heart)overrule ur common sense‎(brain).Thanks for your time everyone and I will advocate against as often as I come across any scamming by anyone.Oh and the blasted phone never release till almost 1yr+ later..it never even existed smh!

3 thoughts on “DI SCAMMING

  1. Senda ef mi lub yuh one more time!!!!!

    Yuh mek mi laaf till mi piss up misself

    Good morning Met and metters

  2. Senda fi u Tory dem have Mi popping up …a true u a chat u have some yah inna NYC OMG Dem wicked all inna di dead a winter Dem wihave Dem kids out on the subway trying to sell usome bullshit story. Mi use to sorry fi Dem an give Dem change until mi find out how coniv8my an wicked Dem is.

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