Met this a the boy that nicki cheat pon damion with. Him name tonyhype him par with boom. A so come nicki get to know him through Tracy deh with boom. Him never a put up brighteyes before but now as the story reach pink wall him put her up.shes the one always putting him up on Instagram real man clown. The three a them a three clown because him still f**king nicki I know for a fact. But him using both of them. She and nicki pop big fight over him a onyx and him a f**k and clown both a them. But him deh with bare gal in a party a community cocky. So I don’t see why the fuss


  1. If pblic photo a tek anno cheating someone clearly moved on while someone stuck in being used position. Damion you need a real man? If you paying rent and all that for a worthless bitch you can’t be all that bad.

  2. I don’t get it. Tracey is liking the pic of the Bwoy an brighteyes. Even tho she an Nikki is peas in a pod. Yuh fren a phux di Bwoy an u an di Bwoy woman a fren. Dat is what u call a fake fren. Dis biiiiitch kuddda nebba b Fimi fren. Tracy dat disgusting Choose a flipping side an stick to it.

  3. @ Anonymous mi think Tracey ah look pon di gal Instagram page an a accidentally like di gal pic dem. so di gal mus a mek she nuh say she liked fi har picture dem. di gal a call out Tracey boxside. if yuh double tap picture pon Instragram it automatically likes di person picture.

  4. @ anonymous tracey will go over there and tap on purpose because she has no loyalty to anyone , if she can’t have loyalty to har pussy fi keep only one man and rest har poor pussy a friend she ago have loyalty to , oh please stop find excuses for that old whore …

  5. She and brighteyes is no friend but only on ig she just nuff mi guh look Pon brighteyes page and fass she and Damion nuh stop guh Pon har page and like pic dem to mix up and di bwoy tony really come put dis girl inna bare tings

  6. Bright eyes shouldnt feel no way if she ah throw harself pon ppl man & inna dem dm pon ig. Ah good fi har she fi stop look ppl man, now she nuh like di feeling

  7. But bright eyes did delete all ah him pics before ah just now she post him & before all ah dis him never post one pic ah she yet. Bwoy it sticky

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