Met this boy from Salem runaway bay ST ANN. Him live a England police looking for him from Friday and him in hiding. Met him and my little brother a “friends” mi warn mi little brother everyday that this boy going to set him up an kill him! My brother was in Jamaica for two months as him reach back a England this wicked boy pick him up at the airport last week Monday,not even 48 hours after we get phone call say him get stabbed up an dead! This boy broke an nuh have nothing bad mind the likkle you and kill him! Met please I’m asking you to run this story.

22 thoughts on “FRIEND KILLER

  1. Batty man benniville if your so innocent why yu hiding? You the youth fi him things but God nah sleep. U can hide from man but you can’t hide from god

  2. senda sorry u lose u brother but wa u bredda eena wid him sinting no right part a the story eat out, wha Is it drugs or body xchange,, you warning did nothing to him how him know fi pick him a airport pon time after the long cocky flight, u see how johncro come in all size and shape this man look like someone u carry home to mother, wa benniville is that a name

    1. I’m happy you see what I’m saying! Dem did catch this boy an a next one name Keith a sex! Suh mi did a fi ask if him an my little brother did start sex make them so tick! My brother a make money this boy just come from jail,and because them come from the same place my brother say him a help him out because nothing nah gwaan fi him! I tell my brother don’t trust him because he’s been known to watch people things an set them to get rob! And that’s exactly what him duh only thing them kill my family!

  3. I’m sorry for your lost, my condolences to you and your family… The evil that is out there, the ones that you call friends and you suppose to know are the ones that can get close enough to strike that final blow… If he didn’t do nothing he shouldn’t be in hiding but his in hiding because him the one who killed your brother or he was there when he was killed… It’s just sad to know you have to watch your back with everyone in your circle because you do not know when someone is going to turn on you God Know! I hope that he is found and dealt with in a wicked wicked way and that your brother soul can rest, and not be restless… The violence that these people are committing now a days is crazy… He will be found and his going to be for what he did to your brother it’s just a matter of time he can hide but he will be found eventually, he will slip up…

  4. I got lost when u say ur brother in ja 2 months then the youth pick him up at the airport n him dead in 48 hrs.fix it up. N write over the story.

  5. Dem mus hole de pussyhole….every whey dem go inna de worl dem carry badmind backa dem….him nuh try mek a life fe himself instead him f**k up de yute because de yute a mek a life fe himself..De cratches mus get ketch because God nuh love ugly..

  6. sender, hush but u brother was not goin to tell you if them did a sex that’s personal if u were goin to hear, it would be from someone else not from him but it too late now you have dead to bury u goin to England, or him coming home,

  7. at anon 4:21pm, No YOU go tek u time read again for a only YOU no understand wa she write everyone understand clearly well

  8. Sorry for your loss. Where in England is this guy from. And what’s the name of your brother if you don’t mind me asking

  9. My brother name is jiovanni Lewis,aka jucky Lewis!! The killer name is Joseph Clifton aka benniville……my little brother is 28 years old battyman benniville a 43 them never know each other,they know of each other because they from the same place…..jiovanni lives in Birmingham with his wife of eight years,they spend months in Jamaica because they’re building their dream house,he was in Jamaica for two months. Working on his house,this broke hungry boy just sit and watch out the you thing and kill him fi it!

  10. Not even a car benniville have a England a the youth car him a drive. Him help benniville pay him rent buy car fi him drive……my brother talk me sometimes four five times a day! When mi say the youth doing good,all I can tell him when him call is be careful of this boy. My brother with him good heart say the whole of them from the same place suh from him a eat him a guh make them eat! I was so scared for him with benniville around. I keep telling him don’t trust him,don’t let him know everything! My whole family warned him because they know how benniville is! But him never listen

  11. Bad mind dem benniville use an kill jucky! Jucky a come from nothing to something. An him couldn’t make the youth enjoy the fruits of his labor….. then him call Jamaica with him mouth full a lies a try blame JUCKY death on his wife! Benniville you can hide from man but yu cah hide from god!

  12. Giovanni have a heart of gold! And to see someone end his life like that brakes my heart. I wish he had listen to us when warn him,about benniville. Jucky thinks because he’s a good person everybody is the same…. benniville how you sleep at nights? Knowing you set up jucky….. you can buy out licky licky RUTH but you can’t buy me out! You kill off jucky an RUTH take money from you an gone a Jamaica. Jucky dead a England,if you’re such a good “MOTHER” why are you in Jamaica an not England? Benniville you know I’m the one not to f**k with,I will spend every dollar of mine to see you go to jail!

  13. RUTH you’re a big disappointment to jucky in life and death. How could you take money from Benniville you sell out jucky! You make Benniville pack up your head with bullshit about jucky wife,from longtime you don’t like his wife because all you want to do is call an beg the people dem an when dem nuh give yu….yu vex with them yu damn dutty lazy hopeless bitch! You live in America an wouldn’t get up off your f**g ass an guh look a work,all you want to do is beg! Mi hate yu bloodclaat mi grandmother must a trun in her grave to see what you doing,run gone a Jamaica a scrape fi yu daughter wha nuh catch 30 years old an have six pickney! Jucky wife is innocent until proven guilty! Look who you take side with! RUTH anyday me an you buck up make sure you can defend yourself!

  14. Stabbing nowadays a usually batteyman business eno. Especially multiple stabs like that…
    And just a word of advice.. Don’t send in a post then make multiple comments under multiple pseudonyms.. erodes your credibility

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