0 thoughts on “DI SENDER SEH WAR OR NAH

  1. Matherhorn always come across as very being gay .I bet he twerk at home.Pon a real still,I just wish the gays would sue him for stealing their flair and owning it so well .
    In other words I think he is gayer than the gays .

  2. Matterhorn shoulda dun har since she love gwan like she better dan ppl shoulda give har a show fi humble har damn self she too nuff

  3. I personally don’t like either of them, but I find it really disturbing the way Matterhorn act like a big bitch. Quick fi fun up on a female or str8 men, but can’t stand up to the batty man weh write him off the other day…. All now him can’t retaliate Kmft. I use to follow the man frame child deh n I had to unfollow her, def a thrill seeker… My opinion thou

  4. So how him go war di person who laugh but cyaan war di person who call him batteyman. Why him have woman strength tho???? Mi can’t stand him. Kmt.

  5. Tony Matterhorn is a big dutty bloodclaaat battyman. Pure woman strength him have . Anybody nuh realize seh that boi is a big fish jus blind. Why him nuh guh war the smaddy weh call him batty man. The whole a unu dark and illetate just like him caz any sensible smaddy can see seh him have woman strength caz after a nuh she call him batty man. Woiiii tony a weh she do yuh ? Yuh just hot fi har suh . The batty man dem right yuh off and all now yuh can’t do nutn. Father f**k yuh inna yuh batty n di ppl dem know bout it batty boi

  6. tonybattyron is stight up fish everyday him go on Instagram and just talk a back a things about people how him nuh defend that yet him Ina everything how him just with him clan a kill them why him nah Mek no noise normally he would be all over Instagram carrying on why haven’t he said anything yet to him just straight up gay weather or not him have woman him a f**k man or man a f**k him mi cah seh better

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