Dear Met I’m a first time poster but frequent visitor to your site. I wanted to know if anyone had any tea or updates on Kasi and Usain. To me she is the hottest most well put together girl I see him talk to, she used to post him one time on Instagram but change her account? I see u post him and a next chick from Mobay so wah gwan she with a different baller now or still him?
Oh and side note that dumb basic bitch Lauren hansle won’t stop try hard fi look like and fit in wid girl like kasi! My girl me have a message fi u because it seem u love f*k married and unavailable men! YOU WILL NEVER BE A WIFE! U are a two hours in a cheap hotel and an embarrassing mistake!I remember how she walk and give my friend man the STD back in 09. She try so hard fi get Bolt attention out a road a try take selfie with him and him shut her DOWN! U are a real stupid bi**h flunk out a school and a look man do mine u dumb ass stop sell u hazardous cratches you are a CHEAP WHORE F**KING UP THE PRICE OF PU**Y!!


  1. They are both whores one jus smarter that the next! Kasi associate with the corporate world and have her head in her shoulders and her degrees and only date men with certain bank account figures. Lauren on the other had will f**k anybody she see with cash on dem pocket or drive a nice car. Material junk more important to her than actually using your image and accomplishments first then pussy later!
    Lauren ting water down she need go go back a school and stop try sing

  2. @prince question . Why are you so concerned with kaci life ? A wa u want the gurl life ? I swear y’all bitches just have too much time pon unu bloodclaaat hand . Get a f**king life and stop watch the girl

  3. Anon a u a mus lauren u nuh need fi re up u HIV TEST u f**king skank! Is Whapen u uncomfortable without a hood shun down u wide throat? Stfu u too thirsty never see a thirsty bitch I hate so! Bout u a f**k do school fee I is a disgrace

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