People really travel so pon plane. Smh. I wonder if them tink it cute. Bwoy our ppl tek every thing make style. Smh. I don’t look good. Kmt.

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  1. I look the same way when traveling I go for comfort level. Tshirt sweats and flip flops. Its not 1960 when folks would dress in their best because taking a plane was special. Not so much anymore.

    1. Wi caan dress eena best when wi squeezed in like sardines and not even a hot meal no mo. Hafif pay fi extra luggage and all. Goodly a Spirit shi was flying on and dressed for the airline status…lol

  2. Dis big ole cow look like shi inna har back yard, then again mi nuh have nuh blouse weh stretch out so.. Girl all dollar store yuh coulda get a decent blouse from… An di rollers in yuh weave ain’t for outdoor either…. Oonuh mek mi shame. Nuttin bout dat nuh look cute – maybe if yuh never suh big an tuff we wouldn’t even notice!

  3. Hey who am I to judge,if she comfy so let it b..some of the white folks b looking out of place too when travelling and don’t care,so safe travels and enjoy.

  4. Despicable…comfort and being a bum are apple and oranges. Imagine who come fi pick har up a airport? embarassing
    Me ago want the night cap wearers to STOP wearing that *ish out in public also.

  5. Mi na judge cause the farest mi can go a di waving area, cause mi no know weh mi ago wear when my time come. Enjoy fi a you LADY. May the good lord goes with you on your journey.

  6. Nothing is wrong with her travelling looking that way. Please I go to Ja with my pin curls or my dubby wrap. Who cares, when your travelling you affi comfortable. Unless ur stepping into a photo shoot as d plane, then that’s another story.

  7. I travel with my Flexi rods in and if its cold in america den slippers with socks on then when the pilot says 20 mins until we land in jamaica i start the transformation.

  8. I’ve been on flights with ppl with rollers in and as the plane is landing you see them start taking it out and sprucing up. I like to travel in comfort as well I see absolutely nothing wrong with what the lady is wearing absolutely nothing offensive. What I can’t take is people who ever dress for Jamaica like where you going in stiletto boots and spike heel and so much jewelry.

    1. I don’t see the problem though it’s an airport not church is not like she doing something obscene or rude. I can’t count on my hands how many women I see on the road in Jamaica with rollers or the satin bonnets on dem head. At one point I had to say to my family member I hope they know that the satin bonnet isn’t a hat. To reiterate somebody up top traveling on the plane is not like one time when people would get dressed in dem best it’s all about comfort for most people.

      1. And while you at it…its an airport not ur yaad!!!!!! Do betta man…mi nuh dress up when mi a travel, but I certainly don’t aim to look like mi a walk roun inna mi house wid roller inna mi head. Come on man.

        1. While I’m at it? I’m not understanding why is this wrong rollers are not mutually exclusive or meant to be confined to your home, get with the program. The lady don’t look anyway.

  9. Some of you girls are really ghetto and classless! No taste!! It’s the most ratchet thing seeing u women in flexi rods on the street not to mention the airport! You can be comfortable but class is class and ass is ass take some pride and do ur f**king hair

    1. The hair is done thats why its in flexi rods, but there is no need for me to take out my flexi rods to go inna airport to sit down for an hour then jump on the plane for a next 4 1/2 hours so when its close to my destination then I will take it out. BUT to each its own.

  10. I don’t have a problem with comfort but I just think certain things are for certain places. Time and place fi everything. Not even outta road mi nuh like see them with it. Dem wouldn’t wear the old time rollers a road. Right?? So why these?? Oh….cause they’re costly and only used in the nice expensive Brazilian and Peruvian hairs….right. So once again is all about proving what kind of tings u wear or possess. Smh. Typical.

  11. If she is comfortable in this attire, while traveling. Who are we to judge. She could be on a night flight or having to make several connecting flights. Jeez give her a break. She nuh naked.

  12. A shame dem no have, no wonder people a yard think people a suffer america because if dem a see dem come off plane like that. dem no must think the worse. As bad a things is, it no dat bad go fix up yourself you look like a bumb

  13. Everything white people do unno follow. You paying so much for a plane ticket only to look like you a come off one market bus, get some damn pride. Back in the 60s people have tack, dem have class, now a day unno no have nutten to unno. Damn disgrace smh

  14. DWRL 11:56, I couldn’t agree with you more..they follow everything they do and yet get angry in knowing that they (whites) don’t like us (blacks)

  15. Well at least she can travel, Most people cannot even go to the airport much less go pon a flight to Jamaica because dem no have no pappas.

    1. :ngakak Trashy now turn classy…lol
      Me see excuses fi de ugly roller but none fi de clothes and the tights wid de black spot inna de knee. Classless black females trying to represent for the majority…sad

  16. But no mi big fren Apple go out a town same way so inna the people dem airport wid har flexi rods lololol i am more concert about the fur vest when she land.

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