Dear Met,

It is my understanding that u and your bloggers offer good advice even in hypothetically scenarios.Please consider the following and plz plz plz bear in mind it is Hypothetical OK! Suppose,just suppose my male fren met this beautiful,smart and sexy lady on a online dating site.Sparks fly and they feeling each other but after like the 4th day she tells him there’s an issue she wants his input on.

She is a woman of prominence and means so she travels to Jamaica every month sometimes twice monthly.She says it is because she met this yute in Lucea who she is madly in love with,so in love that she use her connections perfectly to get him a visa within one month of meeting him.She prepared and pay for everything the 1st week in June for his application and by‎ June 20+ he was over there in her bed. She tells my fren that since the yute get thru,he’s gone missing for 5 weeks now,she don’t know if he is dead or alive or where he is.She whatsapp,call,text and the messages were being read.

Fast forward to now and she got in touch with the yute’s brotha who indicates he is in Kingston with his woman.This lady is hell bent on revenge,my fren says he simply cannot calm her down.She offered him $2100 to just box and kick up the yute inna him batty she says that’s all.My fren told her to leave the yute to Karma but she says she was sent by God to teach this yute a lesson for messing with the wrong one.My fren insists it is easy money because he’s never heard of any bad men from tourist resort town Lucea. She’s convinced him it would be like a warning box to leave my woman alone,my fren would be doing to Defend her honour.


Met how I would come in is because my fren is seeking advice if it would be a crime to help her.He is also concern that if he says no,she will get someone else to harm the yute.He says as a fellow Jamaican he wouldn’t want anything do the yute so he wishes to warn the yute about this Lady’s plot.My thing is even if he goes to the cops with the voicenotes and screenshots, i think he would still be in trouble for conspiracy although he hasn’t collected the western union money she has sent YET.

Dear Met would you advise my fren to go to the cops or to do what exactly?Again suppose she bypass him and just get a next man.Should he tip off the yute?This lady has convinced him she can get my fren a visa too and she flying to Jamaica soon to oversee everything.I even tell my fren to tell her to leave him to time and Karma and he reported back to me that she sey she IS KARMA!

Remember this is all hypothetical of course!

7 thoughts on “TELL DI POLICE OR WHAT?

  1. Collect the money, warn the yute n cut. That lady crazy. Sameway how she link you to hurt the yute, is same way she ah go do u.

  2. infawma fi …lol. The police don’t need to be involved … he can tell her no and leave it at that. If she wanted her ex-lover dead or more seriously harmed as you stated she has the means, she is just pissed and want him to feel a little pain and nuff humiliation. Tell your friend doan piss her off any further or him may get the box and kick he refused to give. U r welcome. 🙂

  3. Supposed box kick and thump turn into your friend or even that guy loosing their lives would you be able to live with yourself knowing what you kno…tell your friend cut off all communication with this lady because just as she is willing to hurt this guy I’m sure she will do the same thing yo your friend. She’s a woman scorned that’s all.

  4. Dem woman a foreign, can’t find no man whey dem live, why dem always tek dem sorry nasty arse comma Jamdown because dem know nuff a de man dem can ketch wid dem money but you foreign bitches betta know dis, MONEY CAN’T BUY LOVE. Oonoo have big problem or big pussy mek oonoo cah get a man a foreign. Oonoo careless , loose an easy an wah man a Jamdown fe tun oonoo inna wife. Anyting dem foreign gal yah get dem fe tek because me sure de yute a nuh de fus one fe f**k har out and lef har.

  5. Writer, hypothetically, I would report her and let the police inform the intended victim. From there that bitch will become persona non grata to the Island.

    I hypothetically believe this bitch is a part of some human trafficking ring. I can easily get that bitch flagged if you hypothetically want :maho :kiss

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