1. Why this sound like she lying? Jesus wept if a Lie this woman a tell bout Gang rape because of her looking on a female. Does she even lives in Jamaica now? I went back home and saw a lot of gay people in Kingston and me no see no one a badda them. Lwad sah.

    1. A lie…cause no rape victim not going to be so nonchalant about it and a Hashtag (#) no rass movement…straight ben or gay.

      Me sick a onu a push onu sadomite agenda…just like the man dem de oman dem a plauge to…sucking pussc like a bag juice and a try fi phuck wid Jamaica economy…die

    1. Oh lawd have mercy, mercy, mercy, mia say a little prayer fi yuh cuz u so wrong fi dis. So wrong and mi nuh have no right fi deh llol suh, u win wid da comment yah.

  2. Wow! That must have been traumatizing. I wish her all the best. Such a sad world we live in that something like this can happen to someone.

  3. I hope she is being truthful, cuz she would be next level fuked up fi a lie bout something like that. I hope she gets all the healing she needed from all that trauma.

    1. People pan here for years said that she did get battery..I don’t know how she manage di fi block it out when so many people knew..What she saying now I don’t know about….U don’t have to do a thing fi get battery in Jamaica, thats a fact.

  4. Good Afternoon Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others …..

    De way how Diana luv cry bloodclaat wolf yuh don’t even know wat tuh b-lev wen it cums tuh she.

    Gang rape maybe truth but for looking on girls? Dat pawt nuh sit well wid me rite dere suh me interpret it has ” she wah did bawn gay and dis is how a set a Jamaicans in her eyes abused her for being gay by raping her for looking?

    Pon a real Diana like really? …a suh u did sexually driven or prime at 13 cuz a yuh put de LOOKING in a certain context yuh knw. …

  5. So Diana said “she was gang raped for looking at a girl??” Please tell me that this is garbage that someone forgot to take out. As for me, I’m NOT buying this trash.

    1. First I did hear her a hint toward the fact that parents have their daughters raped fi turn straight now this..May her walk with whatever entity she chooses be a good one because I am surely not on the journey wid she :travel

  6. But she slept with men for many years before coming out the closet listen me born longtime Diana & knw u real well .

  7. Diana a chue JMG ask ppl fi tell dem story about being or know of ppl bwing Molsted, Rape, Abuse… fi mek wi voice be heard u had to cum wid dis.

    Inna 2013 wen did cum yah a done u and Tanya and talk how yuh did bad and luv man plus F**ky F**ky nd train all run npon yuh why dere nd den yuh nay seh yuh was rape yuh did a animals ova yah, yuh tink wi nuh compassionate and av understanding, yuh tink wi nuh bun out slackness why as shaggy seh his part the blockage yuh had lifted?

    Rape is no phuck joke suh don’t lie about how it happen to yuh if it did fi mek outsiders think we as Jamaicans dark like dat wen it cums to gay cuz nuff a dem down town a duh hair and eyebrows no1 is troubling dem but dem lovers nd mate.

    1. U know most a dem hate man bad and dat hate plus shaggy truth cause dis whey she come wid. Nobody business wid she n the life she live from then till now


  9. Sorry bout dat admin but Diana a get pon mi nerves big time now, we as Jamaicans more tolerant wid ppl being gay dan even dem oba Africa deh…..

    Mi nah stop say it if Jamaica was so bad SHEBADA head back wuda been out.

  10. Ms Met not calling no name a Irie Fm studio buss Diana pink flamingo song & p…. She wos inlove till she fool over him then shottas a Miami . She’s very confuse ‘ hope she happy now being gay & shut the hell up cause am sure she have no regrets kissing the kitty she seems to love cat very much

    1. ______________________________________________________________
      But she a imply yasso seh she born gay so how she did inlove wid man? Yuh si dem ting yah now :travel

  11. getting battery nuh have nothing fi do with battyman and lesbian even when mi a go high school mi know gal whey get battery.

  12. I think this woman had a “moment of insanity”…… perhaps something neurological happened to her; or a delusional episode occurred on the spur – of – the – moment.

  13. Haha this bitch is seeking attention.. She were rape indeed because she loves the street and that what men boy do to little girls in the islands..

  14. Shaggy truth a beat har bloodclaat bad a dat yuh know how many well known gays live inna de garrison nd no1 trouble dem….she mussi have shares inna J-Flag cuz de whole lot a unno lie as phuck wen it cums tuh de gay dem…

    All dem weh live inna de gully if Ja suh bad dem wud been drop stick a dynamite or bomb dung deh fi get rid a dem.

  15. Her face looks like the south end of a north bound horse. Would someone please….. please push this idiot off a cliff?…… please

  16. Diana sorry that you were rape, but I doubt it happen because of u looking at a girl at 13 yrs old. Never in my life have I heard such a accusation. Whoever did that o you were just damn rapist bastard pigs! Hope you get some help dealing with such trauma.

  17. Met me now sey u can research anyting & find the truth Is Irie Fm studio manger in the early 90s discover her & produce her not carl young rip boss . She used to look like a hippie with her nose ring she has a sister also . Pink flamingo she also did a song with yammi bolo under the same producing while loving man . Can’t badda with every two years outburst crying game .

  18. She too RASS LIE! Mi LOATHE her for doing this shit! And mi hate miself even more fi di gi har di time ah mi day, and like har song dem.

    Diana go have SEVERAL SEATS!!! Caws old as yuh be, when you were thirteen, ppl neva even know bout being “gay”, much more to be so “open” with their shitttt! Suh mi nuh know which pawt dem deh man deh did deh fi stay see you ah tear off gal clothes wid yuh bionic yeye, fi spurt come gang rape you as a mean of punishment or penalty! Go sit di F@CK DUNG!!!!! Matta ah fact, truth be told, yuh NEVA know SHITTTTT bout “lesbianism” at thirteen! Go somewhere meinnnn!

    It gets me sooooo LIVID and IRATE, when OUR ATTENTION SEEKING OWN, go out of their WAYYYYY to tarnish our country’s global image, culture/way of life/beliefs/morals/values and integrity (that’s IF we have any left), painting/labeling us as such heartless/selfish/uncaring/unsympathetic/inhumane savages…..Bad enough the present state of our little nation and it’s people. Why should or would ANYONE go out of their way to do such a HURTFUL thing (as we ALLLLL know the effects such an act can and WILL do).

  19. @ Simplicity and @ We nuh pet ppl, I agree with your comments to the max. A waan beat har bloodcleet yu see! What I will celebrate is when dis pussy juice sucker finally fades into oblivion. Dyke bitch Diana, I see 4 screws in your head, and 3 are loose! Your brain is rattling Diana, it is rattling!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Such a darn bold faced lie. I use to walk home in hands and hugged up with my best friend from school everyday. We all did. No one assumed we were gay because that word wasn’t even part of our vernacular.
    If Diana was looking at a girl and she wayyyyy older than me, any and everyone would assume she wants to befriend the girl at 13 years old.
    She’s a disservice to Jamaica and no amount of attempt to resurrect her career will make her less irrelevant. Her time has passed, her train gone and nah come back. She should have invested well because this sad attempt at hopping on the LGBT train to garner attention is quite pathetic.

  21. Maybe She willingly mek them battery her or maybe them actually gang rape her for real but trust me it’s hard to believe that they did it because she merely “looked at another girl”. GTFOH with that and stop try make the country look archaic.

    Anything for attention. What Shaggy said was right. Nobody paying them any mind. Them nuff a road. Shebada is one of the highest attended plays in Jamaica. We’ve never heard of anyone harming him. Diana King should hit out against Kids and Women being murdered in Jamaica. That’s a bigger concern than fags a kill off them one another. They use every opportunity and bend the truths to spread their agenda. Whole a di damn fish dem latch on to the video if the thief being murdered wha day and a use it as fuel. Poor man must a turn inna him grave fi see say ppl have him as battyman.

  22. She and my sister was friend and she was dating megawatts in her early teens when she use to be living in prince avenue Spanish town ,there was no gay rumours back then I didn’t even heard she got rape must be later on somewhere else

  23. Hi MET my mom personally knew Diana they grew together in REDPOND I only have seen her few times (before she get big tho) anyhow she was indeed rape but not because she was looking at a girl it was because she was very promiscuous (BAD PIKNY) never listen to her madda wear pure tight up tight up n have boyfriend from she a bout 10. (My mom been tellin me this fr long time an always use her as an example when I was growing up if me no listen dem a go rape n battery me – So say dat to say if Dianna now a go come talk shit like she tink say ppl no know her history n waan fi shed bad light pon Jamaica mek she come again damn shit house

    1. Yes, dem did run the train but is not for looking on her a girl. Bad she did bad and leg go, not saying that she deserved it or it is write but she must speak the truth and stop with the lies. Diana trying to say she was born gay and they raped her and prevented her from being just gay and not bisexual. If she was really gay, after they raped her a that time her hatred for men would turn up. I don’t believe her lies! Instagram is building careers daily, she should try instagram. All you have to do is post nudes, Diana.

  24. She is a damn liad man she fi stop it n go sit dung, A gwine go call me madda an ask her bout it again cause a swear she alwasy a say a 1 her man dem n him line up him fren dem, bk then when u look pon Dianna she pretty she pretty she pretty caan dun me use to stare pon her as a likkle grow a grow now she look like d demon fr d pit a hell

    1. Yes she do and all ina har mouth from the pictures I see is like a demon tek her up from top to bottom. But as mi tell someone today she a do road from early because when I look at her now and all when she live pan har own and so she was still very young. She stay how she did stay wid man from long time as u seh…when she got older it got worse di man dem used to chat har hard

  25. She was raped somewhere in the vicinity of Race Course while she was attending Wolmers. At the time she was very traumatized and never wanted to go back to school. At the time of the incident, Prilly zhamilton and Trevor ‘Boots’ Harris and other media persons were there for her.

  26. First let me express my heartfelt sympathy towards Diana’s tragic circumstance that occurred quite a number of years ago. Now that mi get dat outta di way..*clears throat* Diana yuh lie suh till it tun yuh ugly. Yuh nuh hab nut’n ah gwaan fi yuh…yuh is now ah NON FACTOR, and envy and badmind ah yuh two best friend dem. Shaggy hab weh yuh can and will NEEVA achieve in dis lifetime. Yuh nuh duh NUTT’N fi Jamaica..but quick fi jump pon soapbox an address issues weh yuh nuh knoe bout. Ah Shaggy mek yuh tun dung and wutliss suh?? Miss lady…guh hold ah seat and guh look ah hustle elsewhere. I’m tiiiiired of you…. :maho

    1. Her freaky lifestyle put har career on stall and she a come blame Jamaicans. She fava like she married to satan. What the hell those devil tattoos mean on she face. Ole buddy rider weh a tek till she lost and run gone to woman. She too darn lie

  27. I am so tired of this lost woman, she is so lost in her lifestyle. She is looking for empathy from international people and fans. I can’t take her with all the lies she constantly tells on Jamaicans. The tattoos in her face make her look like a demon working for the devil. Tell di fans dem that yuh whore out and no glue no lef so yuh switch and start eat sushi under sheet.

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