Dudus Coke the now jailed Tivoli Don was said to have been one of the most hated dons in Kingston according to sources. Coke who was famous for helping Tivoli residents proved to be a bully to others because of the money he demanded from just about anyone who lived above average.

The Don who mingled with uptowners as well as those in the garrison, would often compile a list of men he had information about and send his henchmen to them. Music producers, Artistes, Business men surrounding Tivoli and as far away as Half-Way- Tree had to pay an amount to him on a monthly basis. To date, the Jamaican government as well as U.S authorities are unable to locate the ”revenue” Coke collected as well as his assets.
Allegations are that it was the Don who ordered the death of a well known dancer, who was told by Coke that he had to begin paying a monthly because he was traveling abroad and making enough money to make contributions in Tivoli. On the night the feud between the dancer and entertainer reached its peak , allegations are the the opportunity was seized and it took a long time after the dancer’s death to find out who killed him. The entertainer’s brother died before the discovery was made , also a few members if his family were said to have been victims of Obeah that came from the dancer’s mother.There was said to be a long standing and unspoken feud between the men of the Roses Crew and the Tivoli Crime boss stemming from ”street taxes” demanded from the Don of the Roses crew by Coke. Some residents allege that the cause of that Don’s death was because he had refused to pay the money demanded by Coke.

Not only was Coke a murderer as was stated in U.S court transcripts, he was a ruthless swindler who went out of his way to ”fund” his cause and everyone had to pay. It is said that Coke kept his eyes and ears to the ground and many investors who wanted to do business in Jamaica were discouraged by the taxes he demanded.

In a court letter Coke wrote to the judge , he emphasized on the money he gave to the poor but information provided also by the transcripts proved that, Coke could have done more besides the Christmas Treat given to residents annually .Money that was given on a weekly basis was earned one way or the other. Coke gave nothing freely.
Market vendors, Music Producers, Business men, drug mules and government contracts were all a part of Coke’s money scheme. National Water Commission and The Jamaica Public Service are still unable to collect money for their services used by residents of Tivoli Gardens and whilst living also rent-free along , the residents lived in abject poverty. The money Coke received is still unaccounted for.


  1. This sounds like bogle the dancer, beenie man the entertainer,and willy haggart the don…and bogle mother who dem say obeah beenie Bredda…always thought the entertainer son was the one who done the hit…I’m from there and I never knew these mix up…cus all sorts a name was called…

  2. Who fah house that Met? I would pack up from farrin and go live in there. lol. Very informative article. Poor me, I had no idea this was going on in Jamaica, when I was living there, is country me born and grow and never heard about these things in my life! People have to pay taxes to a criminal, From I was birth. So, I am assuming the dancer is Boogle and the Don was haggart? This is one mix up.

  3. Sorry met I don’t mean Beenie man…another entertainer son was killed for it…I can’t remember his name at the moment…will have to ask, but I’m 100 percent positive about it.

  4. No met another entertainer son was killed for the death of bogle…I can’t remember his name at the moment…but 100 percent positive…

  5. Yes met the brother was killed and the mom did talk that she was gonna f…up Beenie and she did…the brother was the only one who died in the accident… Nobody else got hurt. But they killed an entertainer son…the argument was the guy was loyal to Beenie n even when he was In prison Beenie was there for him n ting… So when the dissing gwane a di party wid di fowl dem claim say Beenie say bogle fi dead..but him never mean it,but the artiste son carried out the act cus he took the speech serious

    1. U have it wrong totally..Beenie sister died not too long after I think it was about 4-5 family members he lost n dem seh obeah.

  6. Yea met bogle madda did a fling di obeah fi true cause they said him n John hype done it…and that’s why the man dem bun dung John hype house…this is why John hype n Beenie said on tv it’s not them….Beenie did lose a lot of his family at that time… N I felt sorry for him…I will get the name of the guy they killed or his dad’s name and den check it n u will see

  7. Lie this story wrong Beenie have no sister that die.. They throw out the brother out the car while it was moving when it happen I was visiting ja that year month.. Wrong mix up.. About Beenie story..

    1. Yuh telling me or me telling u? Beenie had a sister here that died in New Jersey she had lupus and dem seh a obeah. When I do put up I try to get facts.

  8. Yes met the name is Triston Palmer and a fi him son dem did kill for it… But the twist is that in the end they found out that it was Chris royal which jim brown son done bogle…him and him frenz dem killed bogle…the night of the party tru dem see di Likkle vibe between Beenie n bogle so dem use dat perfect time to do it… Knowing the blame would be placed on Beenie n John

  9. Garden man dem dont have anything to do with bogle death.Stranger a the shooter facts no if or but bout it straight facts

  10. Yes met cus a di vibes between Beenie n bogle everyone thought it was dem… But long after dem find out say a Chris n him frenz dem dweet…

  11. Met these killings a di biggest mix up mi did ever hear cus dem also said wacky did go a dudus birthday a garden and throw the fowl… Dudus took it as big disrespect…him think wacky use di fowl and a diss him..and being the dark evil rass Chris be him killed the man…but anyway yuh tek
    It…it connected to Chris n Dudus

  12. If Bogle madda obeah sooo trang! why di f**k shi neva guard him with it please this obeah bs is so ridiculous when di angel of death comes for you ah jus your time all of us are jus visitors wi hav ah time limit!!

  13. Bogle murder suspect charged

    POLICE YESTERDAY charged the main suspect in the killing of popular dancer Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy who was shot dead in January.

    Ricardo Palmer, 22, a.k.a. ‘Ricky’, was charged with two counts of murder, three counts of shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm. He is to appear in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Gun Court at Half-Way Tree, St. Andrew, next week.

    Palmer, who police say is from Campden Crescent in Marverly, St. Andrew, was taken into custody on September 15, when he went to court on another charge. Less than two weeks after the killing, police had named Palmer as the main suspect. In fact he was taken into custody sometime ago when he went to report to a police station – as a bail requirement – but was surprisingly released without the knowledge of investigators.

    Bogle was shot dead at a service station on Constant Spring Road where he went after an altercation at the popular ‘Weddy Weddy Wednesday’ dance at the nearby Burlington Avenue.

    Police say Bogle and four other persons were buying gas when two men rode up on a bike and opened fire on them. The dancer was shot 14 times all over his body and died on the spot while the other four were taken to the hospital where another man died and the other three were admitted.

  14. mi give di fullhundread allready, mi tell yuh seh a Chris Royal kill Bogle allready and Police kill him a few months later, when it happen di world tink seh a Beenie Man and him brother and ricardo, mi seh on di pink wall, we have big meeting and dem seh a Dudus brother dweet]}}}Di ghetto seh a beeni and him friends kill Bogle, datz why john hype house get bun down,and thatz why we seh moses did fi dead and if we can’t ketch him,man a guh kill him live stock,datz why him couldn’t go down a jungle, Ice did a disrespect moses every time him did see him and move towards Bounty Killer, mi deh a roses when Killer did mek di speach seh Beenie kill Bogle, mi also did a seh beenie kill Bogle,but we never duh investigation, years later we fine out di truth,and wasn’t nuh tax ting,a long time dem did waan kill Bogle cause dem blame roses man fi Jah T,and when Bogle style dem bad when him jump inna di water lol,One ting with Showa man dem, dem is some intelligent killers,dem tek advantage of situations and dem put out dem people fi start propaganda and ghetto people fool fi run with it!!!!!!

    1. Bogle and roses man never kill Jah t, Red Ray killed him. He was very hype pon di bike a evening time, he told everybody anytime him ride pass and showoff him ago lick him off and he did. A nough people the Coke family kill so dem fi tek fi dem losses too and hush up. The amount of women and children I see dem shout up and kill for nothing. Dodus did have to fall because the bible said the wicked will not lost. I bet you he is in prison acting like an angel, because the yankee men will break his neck in there.

  15. Met ok mi kinda get most correct then cause triston saying the same…it happen so long ago mi memory start slip up

  16. Mix up…yowe a Ratty kill the man out side the police station that kill the dancr,and is a entertainer pay ratty to lick him down to…Ratty friend them lick him down a few years back to..and the president don’t have nothing to do with the dancer death..what kind of money the dancer was making,KMT..The dancer come a man dance come take bay juice and leave and don’t want to pay all the time,and love chat tough..But the dancer should not dead though…and Ratty was a hit man for presi to…

    1. So who is the Entertainer and why the Entertainer want Bogle dead?

      Jah T dead 1992 and Bogle Dead 2005. That is 13 years elapse. If you read a number of the transcripts related to Dudus ting, he knew that Jah T was killed by people close to the JLP, not Roses. I don’t think Chris Royal/Dudus had anything to do with it, although Chris Royal was a hot head, whey no tink with him head. That is why he give away him life when he shot that Police Officer and got put down with minutes of killing the policeman, by the other police who was quick on the scene.

  17. I would say the same Met…what kind of time would he have gotten if he was also charged for murder?? Multiple life sentences… It seems as if some Garden people are still defending Prezi from some of the comments posted.

    1. Dem nuh read the case in detail pan tap a dat ..The U.S had nothing on Dudus until the planted the mole really and he would have to be doing much more drugs than he was fi get life. Garden people dem now………….they are in denial..all when it ina dem face a nuh so

      1. Who was the Mole again Met? Was it the guy they had on one of the release tape? Whatever happen to all these cooperating witnesses and the Mole himself?

  18. Tivoli people only miss Dodus because dem have to go seek employment or look trade now. They wanted to sit down while Dodus walk and intimidate hardworking people for their belongings and carry come give them, then when the murder done dem wash away the blood and play a blind eye. See and blind, hear and deaf game. Give your teenage daughter to the Dons game. Dem huh luv Dodus, dem luv dem belly.

  19. What a ting in a Jamdown so a dey so Beenie get the inspiration…
    …dem tell one bag a lie and a sell dem samfie etc

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